WhatsApp will bring new feature to Android smartphones

WhatsApp will bring new feature to Android smartphones

WhatsApp is one of the applications, if not the most commonly used application in the communications segment on Android and iOS. Application works perfectly for sending picture messages, videos or even making video calls. This does not really require you to spend money.

With a simple Wi-Fi point you can get in touch with another person in the corner of the world without paying for it, a possibility unimaginable a few years ago.

Although WhatsApp is dominated by Facebook, the application is very clean. Unlike Facebook or Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp does not advertise in conversations and is basically a free service without having to give anything in return.

Since the messages are also encrypted, it means that theoretically you will not have problems of hacks. Sometimes we hear of a bug here or there, but it’s a safe application.

WhatsApp for Android will leave “mark-to-read” messages in the notification

The new functionality that will reach Android smartphones will give the user the ability to mark the message as “read” without necessarily entering the conversation.

With notifications showing most of the content, sometimes you do not even walk into the app to read a message. However, you can not respond immediately and you want the other person to know that you have read the message.

The new “mark-as-read” setting will appear in the notifications, leaving both “blue-colored” and revealing to the other person that you are aware of the message being sent.


You’ll also be able to respond via notification, however, for many Android users this is not new.

The new version of the app should be available soon for all Android users. I do not think that such a possibility reaches iOS. At least in the way this notification is demonstrated.

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