Video shows how thieves stole 16,000 euros on iPhones

Video shows how thieves stole 16,000 euros on iPhones

The Apple Store is one of the places most conducive to robberies. If you’ve already entered an Apple store, you know iPhones are not seriously protected from theft.

The Cupertino company is more concerned with giving a look that is attractive than safeguarding its products. iPhones, iPads or even Macbook’s are connected to a table with a simple wire that from so much time whistle without reason.

This lack of security leads many thieves to make the decision to attack the stores of the Cupertino company. The latest robbery happened at the Apple Store of Huntington Station in New York.

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We can see in the video below that several man entered the store with ” hoodies ” to hide the face and finished the assault with more than 21 iPhones in the pocket. Among them iPhone 8 and iPhone X. All this added are $ 19 thousand stolen or 16 thousand euros.

iPhones are almost always at the entrance of the Apple Store

The police offer the $ 5,000 reward to anyone who gets information about the robbers. Consequently released the video where we can see how the assault was done.

From the images it is implied that the assailants are young and that the strategy was well coordinated. Each one stands on one side of a table and at a certain point everyone pulls as many iPhones as possible. Seconds later they have more than 16,000 euros in their pockets.

The stolen goods should not work because Apple blocks IMEIs, however, they can easily be sold in the blackmarket for parts. Remember that the iPhone screen is not exactly cheap.

It is no longer the first time that assaults of this genre happen. Last December it took 12 seconds to disappear more than 100,000 euros from an Apple Store. (video below).

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