¢¢¢¢ VALIDUS ROM 5.1.1 BASED 11/06/2015 ¢¢¢¢

#Preinstalled SuperSu!

#Another Rom with Fast Charging approximately 2 hours!

#Rom is preloaded with a dark theme which is pretty nice! 

#It is fast charger but lags while charging and you have to remove thermal throttling for removing that laggnes! And yes its heating badly while using phone in charging (upto 65°C sometimes CPU Temperature) :/

#Two launchers already there… Trebuchet and Nova … Can chose any!

#I find this ROM… Much user friendly… I mean many things are there which we have to do manually…. It’s already On & Off here! 🙂

#Overnight drain with Beast is high 7% lolz *.* not worth! I guess Carbon kernel is better in this!

#Video Recording bug there… With Stock and Beast kernel…. Problem solved by CARBON kernel to some extent 🙂 This thing make this preferred over Mokee ROM! But in Mokee Heating wasn’t there… As this give a warm feel in normal usage too! 

#Battery backup is good good! 5:30 sot i guess! 

#Well it is competitor of Mokee… And better than Aicp and Sokp… But don’t have OTA and all… And also not updating regularly like Mokee,Aicp do 🙂 Better Stay on mokee for it’s regular updates!

#Link→ http://forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-1s/development/rom-gzr-validus-rom-lollipop-v8-0-armani-t3086918 🙂

NOTE: contact via email [email protected] , i will sent link download for you

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