Ultra Fast Charger 10X (2017) for Android Smartphones & Tablets Download Free

Generally, Smartphone users complain that their Mobile Battery discharges fast even they haven’t used their mobiles for a long time. In addition, it is said that smartphone batteries work for only one or one and half day in case of new mobiles. Also these smartphones take longer time to recharge. Up to date, in my opinion, there is no any type of monitoring tool or sensor to check which application needs much power so that it could be controlled through the device. To save the battery charge for any emergency, most users don’t use their phones so that they could use the phones for more time in areas where there may be no facility to recharge their smartphone. Do you need your mobile fully charged and do you need it now? This is your application with latest technology!
 First of all, the functions of Ultra Fast Charger 10X (2017)

Ultra Fast Charger 10X (2017). This powerful tool helps charge your phone’s battery faster than normal time!
Ultra Fast Charger 10X is new free battery charging application that provide a great support to your Phone with complete battery information that help you kill all the background processes just with single click.
What the Ultra Fast Charger 10X (2017) will do?
  • When you plug the charging device, the application will automatically be activated, 
  • click “Start” to begin the charging process faster. 
  • This powerful applications will kill all apps running in the background and consumes battery services such as wifi, 3G, mobile internet, blue tooth … so will cause faster charging. 
  • When you click on “Stop” or “Exit” all the processes and signals will be connected again.
  • Super-Fast Charger 5x not only improve the speed of charging, but also enhance your battery life. 
  • Ultra Fast Charger 10X (2017) Super-Fast Charger 5x Displays details: battery temperature, battery voltage, battery health, battery technology.
  • The application is FREE forever
Ultra Fast Charger 10X (2017) for Android Smartphones & Tablets Download Free
What’s New in Ultra Fast Charger 10X (2017)
  • New Technology’s Fast Charger
  • Fast Charging
  • Fix bug
  • Ultra fast battery charger app helps you scan all services that are consuming phone battery including Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, Mobile data, High screen brightness, Screen timeout, NFC, Auto Sync etc.
  • Super Fast Battery Charger App is an ultimate tool to help Faster charge than a normal charger, battery saver with battery life booster. 
  • It is totally free
  • Fast, clean and save
  • Ultra Charger: Super Fast x5 also helps to optimize battery life and device’s performance
  • It is 5 times faster than normal charging
Downloading & Installation of Ultra Fast Charger 10X (2017)
  1.  download for free Ultra Fast Charger 10X (2017)
  2.  Open the app.
  3.  Plug on your charger and click fast charging mode.
  4. Your mobile fully charged less than 30-40 minutes. Enjoy your device fully charged.
If you want to download this amazing and brilliant application for your android smartphone, then follow the link below.
For download the latest & updated Ultra Fast Charger 10X (2017) please Click here 

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