Twitter suspends 70 million accounts in two months

Twitter suspends 70 million accounts in two months

Twitter has been actively fighting against the sharing of fake twitter news, malicious users and ghost accounts. In May and June, the company suspended more than 70 million fake accounts, according to The Washington Post, which also notes that this pace has been maintained in July. The number of fake accounts that Twitter has suspended doubled since October when it revealed to Congress how Russia used fake Twitter accounts to influence the 2016 presidential election.

It should be noted that this very aggressive removal of unwanted accounts may actually result in a decline in monthly active users in the second quarter. However, this would be something rare for Twitter. Is that this company usually announces the increase in the number of monthly active users, even though it has stagnated in the last year.

Watching Twitter aggressively attack these bots and malicious users on their platform is undoubtedly good news especially because this social network knows that this fact can negatively affect their own growth. It is that the suspension of these accounts will slow down growth in the near future.

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