[SOKP ROM 5.1 R1BASED] [Review]

#### SOKP ROM 5.1 BASED ####Installation is same like other roms but yea remember that during installation screen will go black …just wait ..ok! It is doing optimization 🙂Some characteristics are→#Very fast Charging :*# No lag while using ✆ during charging but it is heating bit!# Performance is really awesome, UI is flawless! Multitasking is cool as 5-6 apps running without  restarting! *_*# Four kernels theory with stock → (1) Xcelerate rc5… This was flashed successfully but Frequency stuck at 1.6 ghz and NO Kernel controller app were  working! (Min. 300 mhz – Max. 1593 mhz)(2) Beast Lp branch → It was working fine! Performance was good as usual but battery as usual was giving 5:30-6:00 hours sot with moderate use! (No games)
(Min. 192 mhz – Max. 1190 mhz)(3) Carbon R2 & R3 → R2 and R3 was installed successfully but These both made my whole data gone…i mean to say when you will flash these kernels …. They will reset your phone 😛 So better flash these just after installing ROM…. It can be controlled by Kernel adiutor app … Having many Governors ..i use Ondemand! And GPU..ahh.. 650 mhz maximum frequency ★ (Min. 192 mhz – Max. 1190 mhz) giving Sot between 6:45 to 7:00 hours without gaming…check Screenshots:D I recommend to use this Kernel on this rom →>http://d-h.st/68pk 4) Stock kernel isn’t worth !# Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby digital there already there but with bugs as you will touch Dolby digital settings …it won’t open again 😛 so better don’t touch them 😛#Selinux mode is permissive…. Many ask what’s it’s work… Well like viper sometimes behave abnormal …by this permissive mode you can keep you viper running fine! (Its Just a example… Many more app there which needs permissive mode than enforcing)#SOKP CONTROLS in settings covering almost all extra features of other roms except navigation keys ! #Awesome battery backup dammn 😉 No heating while using ✆ simply! And yes very less heating during!# 2% Battery drop on every reboot….disease of every CM roms 😛 in this too it’s there 😉#ROM was updated lastly on 24th of April…. And also no ota but it’s a hard competitor of current roms 😀#Camera is Good .. Better use this Camera for awesome shutter speed ,u can use it in any rom → http://forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-1s/themes-apps/share-best-camera-app-redmi-1s-t3065403 😉#Xposed working! 🙂 Greenify,Gravity Box, Flat Style keyboard, Flat Style bars (which is already in Lollipop) ,Lucky patcher etc working!
Link→ http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/super-alpha-posted-permission-xposed-t3072979 (flash simple zip  not that arm66 arm ) and then Install this apk →http://d-h.st/TVRo 🙂 Flat style keyboard also in dev host file! Check! #Viper…. Walkman working ..btw other roms and kernels link → check pin post of fb  Groups or http://himanshudhoopia.blogspot.in/2015/05/important-links-for-redmi-1s-development.html?m=1#Direct Link of SOKP ROM → http://sonic-developers.com/downloads/download.php?file=armani/SOKP-L-5.1-LMY47I-R1-20150420-armani.zip#Source →  http://forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-1s/development/armani-t3067385 😍😍😍


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