SM-G313HZ Unlocking in Z3x box Warning

Hi to all,

The phone is introduced in the Philippines as Galaxy V. But world wide this phone is known as Samsung Galaxy Ace NXT.
A friendly reminder to all that when you are unlocking this phone in Z3x box, use only Read Code method. 

Do not attempt to Click on Direct Unlock, the phone’s baseband will be damaged. 

But you can still fix your phone by Flashing the phone’s original firmware.

When flashing, YOU MUST include the pit file. If you did not include it when flashing the IMEI is still damage or the baseband is still damage.

I also encountered that when you try to unlock the phone again, and root the phone. The IMEI or the baseband will be damaged again.

Be cautious with this phone as of the moment.

For the stock ROM i will upload it. 

You can find the stock ROM below


NOTE: contact via email [email protected] , i will sent link download for you

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