[SLIM SABER v2 5.1.1 Based] [Review]

%%%% SLIM SABER 5.1.1 based %%%%

#I flashed it .. When i saw a post regarding it’s battery backup… That it’s nice and yep… It’s really nice with Default kernel and carbon kernel!

#Video recording bug there in rom with default kernel but after latest carbon kernel ( http://d-h.st/XEnp) the problem is solved in rom! 

#Recent Panel is Slim (yea can be changeable) ..it’s nice btw!

#Multitasking is superb… Better than stock cm12.1 !!

#Call quality is nice … Better than sokp! Yea may be after installing latest carbon in sokp r4 …sokp rom’s problem may be sort out!

#Layers feature there with Kernel Auditor (idk spelling :p ) pre-installed !

#Charging is NIL (with Carbon kernel)… While using phone in plugged charger else it’s good!! Uff! And there is no alternative of carbon kernel on this rom yet!

#Heating there! While using phone in charging or in normal case too it heats sometime like after reboot etc!

Overall it’s a good rom with good battery backup with 6 hours sot approx with moderate use! And Loud and clear sound is awesome! 😀

Link → http://tx1.androidfilehost.com/dl/2aQdACgPHH7OVQ5aqo8-Fw/1434314639/24052804347758024/SlimSaber-armani-5.1.1-20150609.zip?

Note: Contact [email protected] , i will sent link download for you. Thanks !

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