Samsung re-attacks Apple in new and hilarious ads

Samsung has again brought new advertising to attack Apple and the latest iPhone X. Apple’s new top-end may even be one of the most relevant smartphones on the market, however, it is far from the perfect smartphone.

Samsung knows this and has taken advantage of its flaws to create very interesting advertisements.Advertisements, which run on US TVs, are short and direct.

The “dongle life” is one of the most interesting.A user asks if they can connect their headphones to the iPhone and it is said that only with the adapter.The next question is whether to use the headphones and charge the smartphone at the same time.Because…

We also have fast loading.The iPhone X has the ability to load quickly, however, Apple did not include the charger in the box.You’d have to buy a much more expensive charger.

Samsung returns to attack Apple and iPhone X with 3 new clips

The third video addresses the camera.The iPhone X may even have an excellent camera, however, the Samsung Galaxy S9 + outperforms Apple’s top end in DxOMark testing.

They are short and funny videos to watch.Although not the biggest lover of this type of advertising, are very interesting approaches by Samsung.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 about to be unveiled the South Korean company will focus the advertising effort for the Android phablet. How far will Apple attack again? This is almost certain to happen. And here we are to enjoy the clips of 30 seconds.

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