Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 revealed in new images – Evan Blass

The golden era of tablets has long come to an end and there are currently only a few manufacturers that are betting on this segment. However, like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi also continue to bring new products. Now we get to know the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, one of the next products of South Korean technology.

First of all, all these images were released on the social network Twitter. More specifically by the Twitter account manager of Evan Blass @evleaks. In them, we can see all the contours and some accessories of this new Android tablet.

According to the famous leakster, the South Korean technology will soon announce this new element for its family of tablets. Inside we will still powerful Snapdragon 835 from Qualcomm . For all intents and purposes, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 will be a top of the range.

Until its presentation, we can see its appearance and its main accessories like the well-known S-Pen. We will also have a new keyboard and cover-keyboard with Bluetooth connection. Something we’ve seen in previous generations for this product line.

Here’s the “new” Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

While in the top image we can see the tablet in its cover-keyboard, the second we can see the tablet in white. In both cases we can also see the stylus, pen or S-Pen that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and which increases your productivity. We can also see in the top image the presence of two grids on its top. Something that allows for the presence of at least two speakers – probably a total of 4 – in this tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Back

Already in the second image we can clarify our doubts regarding the collaboration with AKG, company now owned by Samsung. The result will be a sound stage of quality, even for a relatively small mobile device such as a tablet.

At the moment we do not know what this new product can bring to the market for tablets. What will be your formula to try to spark a new interest among consumers for this type of products.

At its rear, we also have its main camera as well as the LED flash. Moreover, at the screen or screen level we will have a 10.5-inch screen here. It will have a 16:10 aspect or aspect in addition to the above-mentioned processor.

We are now waiting for the official presentation of this new mobile device.

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