Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be entitled to a new wireless charger Duo

Rumors and leaks of information about the upcoming Samsung event do not stop.It will be on August 9 that we will get to know the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This is already a certainty but more products may have their airtime on that day.

With regard to the new top-of-the-range technology, there seems to be little more to discover.We recently showed you how the Galaxy Note 9 will look like in Lilac.A coloration a little bold to my taste, but surely there will be those who desire it.

But in a general way we can say that this new smartphone will be very identical to the Galaxy S9 +.The main differences between these two models will be the layout of the module of your rear camera and the inclusion of an S-Pen.

In addition, the new Note 9 will also not be very different from its predecessor Galaxy Note 8. This could be bad for the South Korean company in terms of sales.It itself estimates the sale of only 12 million units by 2018.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be powered by the Wireless Charger Duo

Along with its new top of the range, Samsung will still unveil a new wireless charger.Nicknamed the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo, this will be able to charge two devices simultaneously.

Who gives us the information is Roland Quandt, knownleaksterthe worldmobile.This refers to the announcement of a new wireless charger capable of charging Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Watch at the same time.Or two smartphones.

This is the justification for a wireless charger with a 25W output that recently passed through the FCC.At the time it was considered that the South Korean company was developing a new charger even faster than the current ones.

After all, this power output is due to the ability to charge the devices simultaneously.All so that the loading times remain within the current company standards.

This can still be interpreted as a new indicator for the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Watch already early next month.It is not yet certain when it will be unveiled, so everything remains open.

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