Root and install LG G5 TWRP recovery [Installation Guide]

Most of the people always want to utilize all the features in any device. It does not matter whether it is useful for them or not, people always try to use all the given features. They try to use most of the features mostly and there are people who try to use all the features at least once.

The fact is the manufacturer of the smart phones does not usually give access to all the features to use. In such cases we need rooting.

Rooting TWRP recovery on LG G5 :

Rooting is mainly used in android devices and the term rooting has been developed when the android platform was gaining the familiarity. TWRP is the recovery software used in the android based devices to back up the device and to recover when it is necessary. TWRP is released by Team Win Company and it is widely used in the android phones. It is a touch screen interface which allows the user back up the current system.

Steps to root and install TWRP recovery on LG G5.

Files required:

1.  Download ADB and fastboot driver for windows  This will also install your device driver.

2.  Download TWRP Recovery for LG G5 and place it in the folder where ADB installed and rename it to ‘recovery.img’.

3.  Download SuperSu to root LG G5 and copy it to your phone sd card.

Install and root LG G5 custom recovery :

1) First step is to enable USB debugging on your android device

2) Open the ADD folder and right click to choose the open command window here

3) Connect your phone to the PC and reboot the device to fast boot mode.

4) Using the command fastboot devices in command prompt, check your connection, if it shows your device serial number then your device is connected perfectly. 

5) Using the command fastboot recovery recovery.img you will see the flashing recovery on your phone

6) Using the fastboot recovery reboot your phone to recovery mode, here the custom recovery is successfully installed in the phone.

7) In the TWRP recovery, navigate and Install Zip and then root your LG G5 through 

Install SuperSu and reboot your device. Now you have finished rooting and installing TWRP recovery on LG G5 successfully


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