Rom ZTE Nubia Z7 Max

Rom ZTE Nubia Z7 Max
Rom ZTE Nubia Z7 Max

Name:  Z7 Max V1.41 version
Published: 2014-9-23

Z7 max V1.38 ~ V1.41 major changes Description:                                                                                                                            No multilang, only cn and en
Optimize the layout of desktop icons
Optimize the camera’s focus effect
After optimizing the flash of color photographs reduction
After the repair interval shooting the picture to see the failure of the
White box can not be moved independently to repair problems
Repair of a case does not show the problem of the album
Repair Image Editing save failures after adding text
Repair flash photography, real-time special effects photo abnormal dash display problems
Murmur when fixes speakerphone
Call recording can not be saved successfully repair the problem
SMS restoration easy mode failures
Repair card two errors automatically hang up the issue during a call
Repair Find a contact interface numbers do not show the problem
Repair call hang up the wrong question recall
Fix the problem in the contact details of the interface can not call
Easy mode under repair phone card contacts modify invalidity
Repair contacts list can not use the default communications interface card call problem
Can not see the problem repaired theme download
Under certain circumstances remove screen repair failure problem
Synchronization failed to repair the problem under the split-screen mode standby time
Repair Bluetooth headset key issues can not be photographed
After connecting the Bluetooth headset repair tips to fail ringtones
Repair voice call at the end of QQ FC
Repair nubia Niu Dun failed to intercept the problem of harassment
Repair nubia Niu Dun decryption failures call records
Optimization firmware including but not limited to the items listed

Brush Note:
1 cancel the phone unlock pattern, such as a password to unlock the screen lock;
2 Brush before, please back up important personal data (phone cloud backup personal information and system information, but also to back up important information on the PC), so as not to cause errors during Brush phone book text messages and other personal information loss;
3 Brush before, make sure the phone has enough power;
4 Brush, the phone flat on a desktop, be sure not to touch the screen.
Detailed matters, please refer to “nubia phone SD card Brush guidance” .

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