ROM Tablet Teclast X98 Air II – ROM Windows 8.1


ROM Tablet Teclast X98 Air II – ROM Windows 8.1

Official ROM Teclast Taipower X98 Air II Version: Windows 8.1 10/13/2014

Language support: Multilang

Install ROM :

Translation Chinese:
1. Make sure your tablet is X98 Air II or X98 Air 3G
2, open [X98-AirII- automatic brush WIN8-bios tool .bat], after confirmation, press any key.
3, if the driver has not been installed, a first input, Enter to install the driver.
4. If you need to enter the number that corresponds to root root [some brush bios fails, there may be no root].
If you need to brush win8 bios, enter 4 and press Enter, wait brushing.

5, after brushing bios and hold the power button 10s forced shutdown. After pressing the forum tutorial go
   (1) OTG connection U disk installation
   (2) tablet to connect the charger, unplug the charging lightning symbol charging cable, plug in the U
   disk appears to be, press the power button to boot
   (3) If an error occurs, it may be U-not. Another U disk.

First, the tool integration Root and brush WIN8 bios.
Second, remember to brush before open USB debugging, and power is greater than 50%
Third, Brush risk, please themselves.
Fourth, the heart of the black hole thanks Brush tutorial. And provided ideas qzsu0420
NOTE : You can’t download pls sent email to [email protected] , i will sent link download for you


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