ROM Flight for Lenovo A328

ROM Flight for Lenovo A328
ROM Flight for Lenovo A328

All aboard and fasten your seat belts please 
Ready for departure with…..

Unsecured boot.img with init.d support
Build.prop and init.d tweaks
Based on latest 150429 
Deleted a lot of apps , almost all of them i think , even the updater , so this rom cannot be updated , except from me.
I have also a version including updater of course , i will upload it later.
Added flash player 
Boot sounds , disabled
GPS , everything fixed for those who having problems , now it’s workable and fast , no need of anything to work , for testing just download gps test app from playstore , turn OFF wifi and mobile data , go somewhere with skyview ( street,window,balcony,etc.. ) , turn ON gps and open gps test , first time it needs 45sec or a minute to lock ( tested with sygic , first time took almost a minute to lock , second time just few seconds ). 

Flight A328 – 150708 
Based on latest A328 ROW329 150708
New kernel , implemented Reved’s mod for changing primary storage from internal sd to external sd , so now you will have more space to install apps.
Added , reboot recovery menu.
Changed and added all audio files from Lenovo S650 VibeUi rom to have a better sound quality , including also Viper4android.
Fixed audio sync problem on youtube videos.

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