ROm CM11 themed 4.2.2 v1.4 for ZOPO ZP980+

ROm CM11 themed 4.2.2 v1.4 for ZOPO ZP980+
ROm CM11 themed 4.2.2 v1.4 for ZOPO ZP980+
I have created a CM11 themed port from one listed by JCampano for the THL T100/S:
The notification light now works. It flashed blue for facebook and red for email or SMS/MMS. The only colours available are red, blue and green (as you probably know) so I’ve installed a free app Light Flow LED Lite (and I suggest you do the same) to assign different colours for SMS and Email (obviously it comes down to personal preference). I noticed if you turn off CPU Power saving mode it doesn’t have any effect on Antu tu and will be turned back on after reboot. Also the scheduled power off works but when powering on once I was stuck on boot logo (just removed battery and then it booted fine) the other time it flashed up and then turned back off (turned on normally and it worked). After turning off Airplane mode you may get an error message NFC service has stopped for obvious reasons. 

I’m happy for feedback but please understand I have limited developer skills. I created this ROM through a lot of trial and error of replacing files with the latest factory Zopo ROM and the ROM created by JCampano. This got the cameras, bluetooth, modem and sensors working properly and I think it performs very well. If anyone would like to add or improve on this please feel free as long as the developers are credited.
I have a Zopo 980+ 16gb with 2GB RAM. The build.prop has been modified to reflect this as removing these details resulted in incorrect stats being displayed. I cannot comment whether it will work or how it will perform on 1GB. I’ve been flashing with SevenMaxs TWRP:
I installed xposed framework and gravity box via the following links and suggest you do the same:
If you choose to flash this please understand you do so at your own risk and I do not take any responsibility for any damage or data loss. 
Change log:
-proximity sensor now working properly
-all colours now available for LED notification light
-gps and other sensors improved (currently testing if Power GPS search through MobilUncle Tools helps I’m assuming it does)
-added better zopo startup screen (thanks to coutpof)
-discovered camera was not saving full size pictures. Added holo camera and strongly suggest using that (thanks to d3s4nn)
-I noticed poor navigation via google maps so I’ve made changes which appear to make an improvement (you may have to also fix permissions through recovery and use mobiluncle tools and perform a power gps search)
-added some apps from the stock rom while attempting to fix sensor issues
Since official Kit Kat is out this will be the final version. I have made some further changes to try and resolve GPS issues but it appears to be a well known issue with mediatek which I hope they resolve or it will be my last device with oen of their chips.
-added MT EPO GPS Fix, Fast GPS and GPS fix (please update google play services etc first)
-added Xposed Framework (will still need to be installed) and GravityBox
-Compass is now working without installing so removed link
The following link explains how to use the apps to improve GPS:

I reinstalled the Zopo latest update (prior to update) and Google Maps did perform marginally better but I’d rather try and get a Kit Kat rom working now

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