ROM Android 5.1 For LENOVO K50-T5


ROM Mobile LENOVO K50-T5 – ROM Android 5.1
Update ROM LENOVO K50-T5 Version: VIBEUI_V2.8_1532_7.160.1_DEV_K50-T5_WCB7 ( Developer version ) – Android 5.1

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New – Album hidden features
Repair – resolved to enter the album from the camera interface, menu duplication issues
Repair – to solve the album, group viewing interface, return key failure problem
Repair – to solve the fixed telephone address book can not display the name, only numbers problem
Repair – to solve the horizontal screen state association life categories, culinary map icon with the same background color problem
Solve the problem [Contacts to display] in the contact settings, you can not set – Repair
Repair – to solve the probabilistic notification bar when you receive a message is not displayed, no ringing reminder of the problem
Repair – solved when using probabilistic timed messages flash back problems
Repair – can not solve the problem call recording after playing
Repair – solves the SIM card management, after the self-edit SIM card information, appears only with [SIM card two] to make phone calls and send messages of problem
Repair – to solve the probabilistic Advent Calendar login account after [my account] stop running problems
Repair – to solve the calendar does not reflect the lunar month of issue
Lock screen
Repair – to solve the pattern unlock and digital unlocked, you can not go directly to the desktop of the problem
Repair – to solve the lock screen wallpaper time position on the issue too far
Repair – to solve the main menu key probabilistic problem unresponsive
Repair – to solve the lock screen down, you receive messages automatically unlock problem
Repair – Repair solves the digital lock can not replace digital font problems
Repair – to solve the lock screen anti inadvertently probabilistic failure problem
Power management
Repair – to solve the phone restart after battery problem is cleared
Optimization – enhance the QQ chat tool Return key user experience
Repair – after inadvertently home key to solve the call, the call interface will minimize to the notification bar problem

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