##### MOKEE ROM RELEASE VERSION (Lollipop Release) #####
>> Well, using it for 2 months 😛 •Though not much customization it offer,like other ROMs such as Temasek,Resurrection Remix etc etc…the list is big… But still you can use it as daily driver! •I seriously didn’t try any 3rd party kernel,as ROM is updating after every 1-2 days,U know what i mean 🙂 but I would say there is nothing wrong with Stock kernel,I play Asphalt 8 Flawlessly without changing any Frequency and blah blah… Everything is default! •Some says Camera not working, some says calling problem…but I’m not facing and the guys whom i spoke recently.. Also said there is no such problem. •Charging is usual, its very fast if you charge in Airplane mode or o obviously in Switched Off phone! •I Found some…or lil more heating…. While using phone with Charging … May be because while using phone ,normally we see charging % don’t go up i mean it’s slow (like in Sokp,Temasek roms) but in this… Charging speed is superb…While using phone and also it doesn’t lag….may be sometime the Swiping writing in keyboard may lag…but this is avoidable 😉 •Music (use Player Pro Trial by BlastON SA available on Play Store, it’s good), Camera (I found one good Gallery App→ QUICKPIC , use it you will like it), Call in quality, Sim Signal Strength everything is fine.. Performance is good as i mentioned earlier that gaming thing with stock kernel! But yes i played one game …Mini Militia…idk what’s wrong with that game…. That will turn phone into real heater 😛 •I see people still suffering from Gapps Force Close thing …. Particularly not only in this ROM but also in others ….. Take my advice use these Gapps (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_Y1m74XwHkjaWt6M0hEZ0VPMzQ/view?pref=2&pli=1) These are bit old…. U may need to update Google Play Service after Flashing but trust me I’m using these Gapps in every LOLLIPOP ROM (not MM ROMs) for about past 1 year …. These are like universal gapps for me…. Have it permanently in your SD Card, you won’t face any F-Close ! Also 3rd party applications are doing fine… No error! •Next thing is Xposed,as i told earlier that rom is updating regularly and I’m updating those regularly :P…its dizzy to flash Kernels,Xposed everytime after updating ROM but I don’t think we need xposed for any major use…. That Flat Status bar thing it’s already there, Greenify doing good job without Xposed also… In case you are using Flat Keyboard etc.. You will obviously require xposed! •About Battery Backup…so SOT is nearly 5- 5:30 hours with moderate use! So overall it’s good!  I didnt try different-2  kernels for now!  •TWRP 3.0.0 → https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2qDTws08RiyV24yZ0tKaGY1NWs/view?pref=2&pli=1 •Mokee ROM Link→ http://download.mokeedev.com/?device=armani

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