My experience with this ROMs was not ok from beginning 😛 As it stuck at CHECKING CONNECTION during First boot 😉

Then while adding Google Accounts… that disappeared 🙂 yea it recovered after some time!

Then the SIM cards both were 3G …. Unable to change them to 2G …but after sometime that too happened without any code n all! But I’m still unable to understand why it is deducting 10 paise every minute from my second sim…. I was using WiFi even then too… But as like others after eating some bribe… This problem too solved automatically 👻👻👻

Stock Kernel is not that much good, then i flashed Beast R4 …. !!

Some cool features of ROM are→
¶ It’s Fast !! Awesome Multi tasking
¶ Battery status style ….i mean animation is cool.
¶ Navigation button dimensions.
¶ Volume tweaks…btw sound is quite clear…. It’s ideal… Not loudy noisy!
¶ Vibrator intensity.
¶ Smart Lock (on body,trusted voice{not working} ,trusted place, trusted device ) 😉
¶ Though no OTA but Sudhanshu update it Regularly , check XDA link 😍😍😍
¶ As Sud also written in his forum that AOSP keyboard is Force Stopping, better freeze …by Link2sd or any other app…. And use other keyboards! 
¶ its proximity sensor is awesome 😀 i mean in this ,sensor is working Flawlessly! 
¶ Frequencies are stable…no thermal throttling! 

Some cons→ 

≠ SLOW CHARGING :'( it is almost dead charging while using ✆ in charging…i tried in stock, beast fast charging thing etc… It heats lil while charging …but yea no lag…. 😍😍

≠It is staying AWAKE always :/ that’s not fair nah *_*

≠Battery backup is NOT Nice as compared to other ROMs neither in Stock, Beast r3 or r4 ….! Now if i will try all kernels…. That’s impossible practically 😛

≠ Network Indicators sometime works , sometime not !! 
    I hope next update will solve these problems! Btw thanks Sudhanshu for this ROM😍😍 

Link for ROM → http://forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-1s/development/rom-resurrection-remix-lollipop-v5-3-9-t3069027 😘

Other Links → http://himanshudhoopia.blogspot.com/2015/05/important-links-for-redmi-1s-development.html 😍

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