Remove password, pattern lock, gmail account in your Torque Droidz Dash

Another tablet came into my workplace and I decided to write another tutorial on how to hard reset / factory reset your Torque Droidz Dash tablet. This one is easy to wipe. I have also provided a picture. It’s a bit blurry but you can still follow it.

This can fix some issue you are experiencing in your tablet. Like the following:
1. If you forgot your gmail account
2. If you forgot your pattern lock
3. If you forgot your password
4. If your tablet stuck up in LOGO only, this work sometimes if the firmware is not totally damage.
5. If you the apps are force closing.

Again, if you are going to hard reset / factory reset your data will be deleted. Like games, applictions, calendar sync, etc.. etc.

Here is the procedure:

1. Turn off your tablet
2. Press Power button until it power up
3. When the android logo appear quickly press  and hold VOLUME UP until you see a bunch of chinese menu.
4. To activate the MENU press VOLUME, the screen will flash and wait for the menu to reappear
5. Select Number 2 MENU (See picture below)

Number 2

6. Press the second selection , this will wipe the tablet (see picture below)

Second selection

7. Press the green key to continue wiping the tablet ( see picture below)

Press green key

 8. After wiping it will go back to the selection and select the fourth selection in the menu. This will shut down the tablet. (see picture below)

Shutting down the tablet

I hope this tutorial help you.


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