Pokemon Go common Errors and Issues Solution of Fix

Pokemon Go has a good blend of Augmented Reality and the real world give it the craze and popularity which we are seeing today. With the increase in the number of users and there are many issues and problems which are popping up here and there. There can be many reasons for any given problem and to fix these we need to understand why these problems have begun.

Every problem has a fix, be it a small one or a big one. Here we have collected the most commonly problems which users have come across and have mentioned a working solution to each one in detail.

How to Fix Pokemon Go Issues and Errors:

Location Problem:

Many users have reported that the location being shown in the game is different to their current location. I have also faced this issue just once when I spotted a Pokemon at a location and when I was nearing the position, the location changed suddenly on its own. So here is how I fixed the Incorrect Location or Different Location issue in Pokemon Go:

  • Turn off GPS and turn it on again
  • Go to Location or GPS settings and turn on the High-accuracy mode
  • Now go to the Pokemon Go App and make sure that GPS is enabled

Error “This item is not available in your country” message while installing App from Playstore:

This is a message which many users have been facing while installing the application from Google Play Store in their Android smartphone. This error is not related to your smartphone but because the game is not yet officially released on Play Store in your current location or country.

In case the App is available in your country officially but you are facing this error you need to change the billing address in your Play Store Google Wallet settings to your home town which will fix this problem. Wait for sometime after the change of address and try downloading the application from the Play Store once again.

Audio / Sound Problem:

There are many instances where the Audio is getting distorted during game play and it is being seen mostly while connecting Bluetooth headphones or speakers and the only solution to this was to not use the speakers and just continue with the smartphones speakers. The only permanent solution to this will be an update from Pokemon Go developers.

Error “You already own this item” in Pokemon Go for Android users:

This is an error which is faced while trying to purchase anything in the game. The main reason for this is, when you loose your internet connectivity while purchasing Pokemon Coins from the shop and you will face this error. This error is being widely reported and it has a simple solution – Logout from the game and force close the Pokemon Go application -> restart your Android smartphone. Now launch the game

These are the most common Pokemon Go Errors faced by users playing the game on their Android devices, if you are able to fix any of the above mentioned error or issue or have faced any new issues feel free to comment below which might help others facing the same problem.


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