Pixel Launcher From Android O Preview For Android 6.0.1+ Devices

Android O is still in preview face and new Google is pushing new feature such as system wide snoozing, a new ambient display re-design , Setting app is improved a lot with new features and there are other 100s of under the hood improvements and redesign.

Pixel Launher is one the newest part of android which some time ago was exclusive to only Google Pixel Smartphone but later on it was made available on google play store . The pixel launcher which is provided by google on google play store is actually different in some aspect from Pixel Smartphone launcher. Thats not a big problem , Some people are happy with the pixel launcher and some are not. Various laucher provide the ability to switch to Pixel view with extra useful features .

Android O comes with new updated pixel launcher. APK file of Pixel Launcher is now availble on apkmirror but you can not install it as a normal app on your device, You will face “Application Not Installed” error .

So what should we do in this case ? . We have to do nothing . Pixel launcher from Android O is backported to android 6.0.1+ devices by xda member Linuxct. So if you are using Android Marshmallow (6.0.1+) or Android Nougat(7.0+) then you can install it on device right now. This will work on Rooted as well as unrooted devices.

There are two thing you should take care of : First – If you already using pixel launcher then you have to uninstall it .Second is that, most of the times, the first time you try to open the app it needs to generate a file called reflection.engine, which is required by Pixel Launcher. Since it doesn’t exist, the app forcefully exits. Give it one minute and try to open it again, then it should be working.


Name Pixel Launcher
Android Version Required Android 6.0.1+
App Version 7.1.2–O-3743572
App size 2.34 MB
Download Link Pixel Launcher
Source XDA

It it doesn’t work on your 6.0.1+ device then you can report problem with logs on xda thread . Link is given in download section for reporting bugs.


NOTE: contact via email [email protected] , i will sent link download for you

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