Official crDroid ROM 3.8.5 for Redmi 5A

The crDroid ROM is created to increase reliability and performance over the stock Android ROM for your device. It also brings many of the best existing features on your phone. crDroid is mainly based on LineageOS. So, when choosing a custom kernel, make sure you choose one compatible with LineageOS.


crDroid ROM Feature Overview

Here are the essential features of the crDroid ROM.

  1. Stock (Pixel) look and feel
  2. Preinstalled Google Assistant
  3. OMS-rootless theme engine support. (You need to install Substratum from Play Store).
  4. All LingeageOS 14.1 mods and features are included
  5. Status bar customizations
    • Network traffic icon in the status bar.
    • SU icon and Ticker toggle in the status bar.
    • Hide/Show icons in the status bar.
    • Hide/Show data activity arrows.
    • BatteryBar customization in the status bar.
    • Date customization.
    • Tap to Sleep in the status bar.
    • Variety of clock and battery styles.
    • Custom logo in the status bar.
  6. Quick Settings customizations
    • Quick Settings header image customization.
    • Weather tiles integration in quick settings.
    • Quick Settings tiles customization.
    • Brightness slider toggle.
    • Optional brightness icon.Wi-Fi easy toggle.
    • Vibrate on touch functionality.
    • Bluetooth easy toggle.
    • Location easy toggle
    • Data easy toggle.
  7. Navigation customizations
    • PIE navigation availability.
    • Navbar toggle.
    • DUI navigation (SmartBar / Fling Toggle, customizations, and animations, one hand mode).
    • Smart visualization (Pulse).
    • Dynamic navigation bar color.
  8. Notifications customizations
    1. Power notification controls.
    2. Option to force expanded notifications.
    3. Toggle for immersive mode messages.
    4. Heads up Snooze option.
    5. Heads up timeout customization.
    6. Breathing notifications.
    7. Display customizations.
    8. Ambient display customization.
    9. Blur personalizations.
    10. Transparency customization.
    11. Scroll animation adjustments.
    12. Expanded desktop customizations.
  9. Lock screen customizations
    • Toggle long press for screen shortcuts.
    • Lock screen shortcuts.
    • Swipe shortcuts.
    • Toggle media cover art.
    • Toggle clock, date, and alarm.
    • Toggle status bar.
    • Tap to sleep option.
    • Toggle long-press torch.
    • Customizable number of lock screen notifications.
    • Toggle power menu for secure lock screen.
    • Toggle quick settings access.
    • Hide swipe shortcuts while on lock screen.
    • On the go mode (camera overlay) available in Power Menu.
  10. Recents customizations.
    • Immersive recent apps.
    • Hidden apps option.
    • Toggle OmniSwitch or Slim Recents as default recent view.
  11. Sound customizations
    • Customizable charging sound.
    • Toggle screenshot sound.
    • Live customization of volume steps numbers.
    • Customizable less frequent notification sounds.
    • DND customizations.
  12. Customizable toast notifications, system notifications, etc.
  13. Customizable clock widget.
  14. Wakelock blocker (experimental feature).
  15. Partial or full screenshot selection option.
  16. Toggle suggestions in settings dashboard.
  17. Show CPU info overlay.
  18. Toggle summaries in settings.
  19. Disable force-close notifications.
  20. Toggle auto-start music on headphones detection.
  21. Increasing ringtone volume.
  22. Quick password and pin unlock.
  23. 15 new quick settings tiles (Caffeine mode, Sync, Expanded desktop, etc.)
  24. Default sounds from latest Nexus.
  25. Performance and stability improvements.
  26. Optimized for ART platform.

crDroid developers are focused on getting more features but only if the ROM stays stable.

Known Bugs

The only bug can happen when using some third-party camera apps (like Gcam, etc.). While recording the exposure is very low. However, this is already known issue (blob problem), and soon will be fixed.

How to install crDroid ROM?

Before installing the ROM, we recommend creating a full back up of your files. Here are the download files:

If you are installing crDroid for the first time (or coming from another ROM), make sure you do the following steps.

  1. Check if you are running a proper working Recovery (TWRP or CWM).
  2. Copy, Gapps, and Firmware to your external SD Card.
  3. Boot your device into Recovery.
  4. Wipe system, data, and cache partitions.
  5. Flash the crDroid zip file.
  6. Flash the Gapps zip file.
  7. Reboot your device.

Note: Do not expect any support if you are not running a stock crDroid kernel or you have installed any mods such as Xposed. Also, make sure you don’t have modified system files.

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