New Apple Macbook Pro 2018 officially revealed

New Apple Macbook Pro 2018 officially revealed

Without major rumors, leaked information or suspicions, Apple today officially unveiled its new MacBook Pro 2018. The new computers offer basically the same design as the 2017 models and add more power and features.

We have good news for anyone looking for a 13 “inch MacBook Pro with TouchBar and quad-core.

The Cupertino company unveiled two models with TouchID and touchBar. “Keyboard-only” computers have not had updates and continue with a dual-core processor.

The new Macbook Pro 13 “inch computers come with processor configurations between the i5 and i7 running at least 2.7GHz and being able to reach 4.5GHz.

Apple MacBook Pro 2018 prices increase of the memory of the new Apple is ridiculous

The new processors have configurations up to 2TB SSD, however, if you choose this option prepares you to pay another € 1700 just for storage. With base price the new Macbook Pro 13 “inches arrive with the minimum value of 2099 €.

The 15-inch computer also had changes. The computer now comes with the ability to set up with Intel i7 or i9 6th generation processors. Like the 13 “models also these have the possibility to increase the RAM up to 32GB and the memory with more 4TB SSD. These 4TB cost an additional € 4,000. Yap, Just for the memory.

Apple Macbook

Is this an update we really needed? Sincerely, I do not know. It’s good to have a Pro computer with more power and possibilities. I would not be willing to pay another 4,000 euros for 4TB of space but there should be some.

I wish I had seen more USB-C ports and this did not happen. Apple says the “Pro” is more “Pro”. I have to sigh seriously when I read that phrase. This is because I am one of the millions of users who live the “dongle Life”.

Good news for those who were scared to buy a Macbook Pro due to possible keyboard problems. The keyboards of the new computers follow the same ideology but all come with the fix that affected other models.

In a curious title, if you want to buy the top of the range with 15 “, 4TB SSD, 32GB RAM and i9 you will have to pay more than 8000 €.

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