Natural Reader Ultimate 14 free Download Full Version Crack Best Text to Speech PC Software Voices Pack Windows 7, 8 & 10 & Mac

 You may worry by reading this unknown name. This amazing and wonderful tool is well popular in software market. Most among us download different pdf English books, articles, notes, documents, presentations and other reading material on our PCs. By reading these stuff, we can’t do any other activity. We have to concentrate our attention towards the documents reading otherwise, we would be disturbed. During the process of reading books and other material in concentration our eye site may be effected with passage of time and age.
Natural Reader Ultimate 14 free Download  Full Version Crack Best Text to Speech  PC Software  Voices Pack Windows 7, 8 & 10 & Mac
Most people want to listen by doing just like news in audio and they want to do kill two birds withone stone. For those people, Natural Reader ultimate 14 is not less than a blessing. By installing this wonderful and amazing tool, they can listen the document of their interest by adding the document in the list of Natural Reader and just clicking the Play button. Such people can do other activities by listening the audio voice of Natural Reader ultimate 14. It   is a brilliant and powerful tool that can read ‘aloud’ from any text in English version. you have saved on your PC. You can even choose from dozens of different options regarding language, intonation, reading speed, etc.
Main and amazing Features of Natural Reader Ultimate 14
  • All basic text to speech function
  •  Free to download and free to use.
  • Compatible with PDF, Word, webpages
  • Floating bar
  • Change speaker and speed
  • Can read aloud any text 
  • Can adjust speed and change voice.
  •  Comes with a floating bar to read any text in other applications.
·      With what Natural Read Ultimate 14 Works?
     Natural Reader works with PDF files, Office Word documents, webpages, and eBook ePub files. You just open the documents and listen to them in Natural Reader and can even synchronize with your mobile devices.
·        Natural Reader have many more features:
  •        A great  selection of natural sounding voices. Natural Reader software includes 2 to 6 voices chosen from 7 languages   This powerful tool can convert any written text into an audio file, so you can listen to it later on your mobile devices.
  •            One additional important feature of Natural Reader is the optical character recognition (OCR) function. OCR works with your scanner or camera to convert printed characters into digital text, which allows you to listen to it on your computer or edit it in a word-processing program.
  •          With the OCR function, Natural Reader can even convert eBooks or textbooks from images to text, thereby allowing you to listen to your books from kindle, adobe, iBook’s, or course-smart on your computer, android device, or iPhone. If you have fed up reading your text material and may be your eye sight has become week due to continuous reading of your documents than be relaxed and download the Natural Reader Ultimate 14 will do you of your work by reading your document.
      For download this amazing and powerful software for your PCs then follow the link given below and click the link
      Download Natural Reader Ultimate 14 for Windows
      Download Natural Reader Ultimate 14 for Mac


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