MyPhone Rio Junior V1 firmware/stock rom to unbrick your phone


UPDATE – I’ll re-upload the firmware. The file is a mess..

This firmware is for  MyPhone Rio Junior, with software version 1.09 and board version 1. Although I was able to revive and downgraded from version 1.13 to version 1.09, I do not recommend to use this in such version (1.13)

The phone that I fixed has a Privacy Protection Password, and it has a version 1.13. When I flashed this firmware, the phone died. But I was able to downgraded it to this firmware version.

The method that I use is below. Just like when fixing MyPhone Rio Fun. 

You can fix the following issue in your phone:
1. Bootloop
2. Damaged System UI
3. TP Upgrade only
4. Dead phone but it is detected in computer
5. Remove Gmail Account / Password / Pattern Lock (Alternative Way)
6. Privacy Protection Password Lock up

Firmware Here –>MyPhone Rio Junior 1.09 board version 1

VCOM Driver –>VCOM Manual
Alternative Driver –> AutoInstaller

SPFlashTool –> LatestVersion 

“Use WinRar or 7zip to extract the firmware”
“Extract the files to your desired folder”
“If you encounter error in flashtool, use different version of it.”
“I suggest to use 32bit Windows OS for compatibility of the driver”

“You can also use 64bit version, just disable driver signing or driver signature before installing the driver.”

Installing Driver with AutoInstaller

First try the Alternative Driver, which is the AutoInstaller. Just open the install.exe then it will automatically install the driver. To fully check if the driver is correctly installed in your computer. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your phone (always powered off is a must)
  2. Press and hold volume up or down, or you can simple press the two button.
  3. Insert your USB cable without releasing the VOLUME button(s).
  4. In your computer, it must detect your phone and it will install the MTK Preloader or Mediatek USB VCOM driver.
  5. Repeat 1 to 4 if it does not detect your phone.
  6. If MTK Preloader/Mediatek USB VCOM Driver is installed you are good to go in flashing your phone ^_^

Reference Video using Driver Auto Installer (watch in HD)