Mobile Phones May Cause Teenage Memory Loss

A Swiss study apparently found a link between the use of smartphones for calls and the decline in memory performance or memory loss in adolescents.

Smartphones, as well as mobile devices from the past, emit radiation that is used to extract and send data, voice, and other connections. This radiation, according to the study, can affect the brain when a phone is placed in someone’s ear. Adolescents, whose brains are at one of the major developmental stages of their lives, are especially susceptible.

The study focused on memory and found that most of the memory problems came from right-handed teenagers making lots of phone calls.

To put these results in numbers, the study involved 700 students aged 12 to 17 years. These students received an initial assessment and then a follow-up one year later.

Students who made (or received) many calls on their smartphones scored lower on the accompanying assessment.

Of course there is a long list of caveats in this study, but what the preliminary findings point out is that when the right side of the brain is exposed to a large amount of radiation due to calls on a smartphone over a long period of time, memory performance can degrade.

The study was done only with adolescents. This means that adults with fully developed brains may be at a lower risk of memory loss, while children whose brains are still developing physically may have worse memory loss or other harmful effects.

None of this can be fully confirmed without further study, of course, and the initial study used a relatively small population subgroup.

However, the study detected something rather strange; Exposure to radiations from data traffic actually seems to increase scores.

As the study clearly states, due to the limited population subset and control conditions, all study information should be taken as a means of continuing the research with similar studies in other populations and under different conditions.

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