[Miui v6 Pro with OTA updates] [REVIEW]

### MIUI 6 PRO ROM with OTA (Latest) (v5.5.8) ###It’s not Global Beta rom…! That is different! Well It was my evergreen ROM 😛 used it today after long time  😉 So many have confusion that how to install miui 6 and about gapps,rooting ,etc! See it’s so simple…..mind my words that →¶ It’s PRE-ROOTED (ROOTED ALREADY) ROM ,u only needa Give permission to root apps in SECURITY →PERMISSION→ ROOT ACCESS…. that’s all or we gonna flash SuperSu too… That will give permission automatically! ¶ Secondly, GOOGLE APPS (GAPPS) are already there but in minimal form i.e. only Play Store there…you need to download Gmail,Maps etc from Google or you can restore them from Titanium backup easily if u took backup of those apps! Overall Google apps there already in rom!!¶ Thirdly, Synapse or Kernel auditor app can’t be used for changing frequencies…. But NO FRILLS CPU app working fine!! But while using phone in charging it would stuck at 998mhz even after Removing thermal throttling but no impact on phone while using phone in charging …as it don’t lag and don’t heat!! Now for installation,it’s simple like other roms→U need → (i successfully installed miui by these things )1) Twrp recovery 2.8.6 ( http://d-h.st/mk2l)2) Flashable SuperSu zip ( https://download.chainfire.eu/396/supersu/ ) Download zip! 3) Miui ROM ( http://en.miui.com/thread-110927-1-1.html)
I had link of 5.5.1 ROM ((http://ota.miuipro.ru/roms/xiaomi_redmi_1s_wcdma/miuipro_v4.4.4_armani_5.5.1.zip))  ,so i flashed 5.5.1 version and then i got OTA and upgrade to 5.5.8 🙂 You guys can directly download 5.5.8 from the above link 🙂Now → ¶ Take backup of Your user apps by ##Titanium backup## (Better install pro version, would be easy to restore apps by pro → http://www6.zippyshare.com/d/LEvvh5Ap/409985/Titanium%20Backup%20MODACO%20v7.0.1%20%5bMOD%5d%20APK%20by%20OnHAX.apk )¶ Reboot into Recovery and flash latest Twrp recovery (optional).¶ Take backup of your current ROM.¶ After backup, Wipe caches,dalvik caches,system,data.¶ Then Flash the  SuperSU ZIP 🙂¶ Then flash the ROM…. Then wipe caches and Reboot ^_^ ¶ After reboot, Straightway go to Settings → Additional Settings → Optimize System Performance …it will ask for reboot .. Let it be 😉¶ After reboot, again go in settings and turn off the animations in Developer Settings! And then return to Homescreen and then go in Security→ Permissions → see the upper-right side setting icon…open it and turn it OFF! ¶ Install No-Frills Cpu or SetCpu app and under clock frequencies …i would recommend 300 min. To  1190 mhz max. ! ¶ Now Install the Titanium backup and give it root permission (mentioned above) and  restore your Apps which you want! That’s all…. 😉≠≠It have some glitches like 2G ,3G options in sims are opposite…i mean only 2G option in 3G slot and 2G/3G in 2G slot…. Its weird!≠≠It have OTA update feature 😉≠≠ No lag (but yea u can’t do heavy work i mean multitasking) and very less heating while using phone in charging! ≠≠ FAST-CHARGING 😍😍😍≠≠ A serious problem with this ROM is that when we reboot phone…. Battery dropped to much extent 🙁 A buddy said let the battery drain at 0% then charge it 100% and remove battery for 5-6 minutes and then use phone,it might help… Btw i didn’t try this 😉≠ Battery backup is not bad 😉 ≠ I don’t like doing multitasking on this rom ,as miui don’t cooperate much 😛#Just a second Error there! And after Deleting pics in gallery continuously …it happens for long time!  Let’s try Cyanide ROM now! 😂😂😂


NOTE: contact via email [email protected] , i will sent link download for you

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