×××× Miui 6 Stable INSTALLATION GUIDE AND REVIEW ××××

SITUATION 1st → If you are on Miui 5 with Mi recovery ..Do →→

→ Before unrooting…take Backup of Apps by Titanium backup app ( http://d-h.st/p45I) (optional step)

→Take whole ROM backup by Nandroid Backup app available on play store before unrooting!

→Then Unroot your phone… by Flashing Unroot zip ( http://d-h.st/bLmc) by Updater app! Better Turn OFF root permission in Security app first and then flash Unroot  zip!
(If anyone didn’t root his phone no need to do this work)

→ DOWNLOAD ROM → http://bigota.d.miui.com/V6.6.1.0.KHCMICF/miui_HM1SWCGlobal_V6.6.1.0.KHCMICF_74644ba684_4.4.zip 🙂

→ Change the name of ROM to UPDATE.ZIP (if anyone have update.zip already …move your that rooting zip file to any other folder)

→Place ROM in internal storage root directory… I mean not in any folder and then ↓
→ Reboot to Recovery by updater app 😉

→Select English and select the option where it says “Select update.zip from System” 🙂

→ It will be installed and yep it will take time to boot for first time… Don’t think that it goes into bootloop 😛

→ For root access in miui 6.. Flash this file by Renaming zip to UPDATE.ZIP {before this change the name of your rom from update.zip which you have done above to any other name}

→ (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzpJ4Fybx3_4bEQ0MExxSXJBbTA/view?usp=sharing&pli=1)

→ And yea it would be better to have TWRP recovery instead of Mi recovery..your choice..btw! You can flash Twrp by fastboot method or by flashify app or by simply flashing it’s zip ( http://d-h.st/mk2l) by updater app or if none method works ..do that update.zip method 😛 and for latest recovery regularly  check this → 

→Inbuilt Gapps there .. So no headache of these! 😛


≠if You are on any version of Miui 6 ..either global, pro,acid, Chinese, sone etc. etc. with Mi recovery simply update it by updater app…. …it must work else flash Twrp recovery and flash rom! (See rom installation by Twrp in below steps)


≠If you are on any custom recovery.. You will have Twrp or Philz recovery …almost have these!

≠Just take backup of your Apps and ROM (by recovery or nandroid backup app) (link of titanium backup pro→ http://d-h.st/p45I )

≠Wipe everything except Internal and External storage and then flash SuperSu zip (http://d-h.st/YuyJ) and then Flash ROM.. It will take time.. Have patience 😛 after that … Wipe cache,dalvik cache and Reboot into system! When you will do this… Twrp Recovery will ask for installing of Root…. let you root by SWIPE TO ROOT 😉 (check ss) and then REBOOT !

≠When your home screen will come… In notification bar
SuperSu..would be there …asking some file to download let it be.
Choose TWRP between Play or Twrp during options! and follow what it says!

≠ You’re done now! 😛 (read below for extra features)

#### REVIEW #### →→

#Good Multitasker ! I was able to Run 4-5 apps together without restarting like WhatsApp, UCweb browser, Gmail, Pocket,Color note etc!

#Camera is pretty good with all Features which was in v5 !

#RAM management is good as it was in Miui Chinese beta version !

#Battery backup seems Great With all kernels… Exact stats will be provided later 😛

#MUSIC player is awesome *_* Loud and Clear 😛 Mi enhancer is working nicely 😉 No external App like Viper or Dolby required!

#When you will install any apk it will ask permission to allow or blah.. Just go In PRIVACY → Device Administration →Allow unknown resources! Done 😉

#Use PERFORMANCE mode instead of BALANCE ♠ For smoothness 😉 Don’t worry about battery it won’t drain… Performance Mode disables Temperature Control … 😛 good for us only 😀 with Stock kernel.

#BALIKA KERNEL WORKING NICELY and can be controlled by Kernel Adiutor app ! Simply flash the kernel like you flashed rom …do with wiping cache and dalvik but take backup of your stock kernel first by taking backup of only “Boot” in recovery 🙂 so that in case you don’t like custom kernel or any function didn’t work you can restore that Boot to get stock kernel again or you can use Flashify App for this backup-restoring thing!
But HERE A PROBLEM COMES… when you will restore Stock Kernel … Your WiFi won’t work 😛 you have to dirty flash rom so choose one either  Balika or Stock kernel  😉 I faced this issue …i can’t say whether you will face that or not!

#XCELERATE KERNEL…. After flashing this kernel only 1 Sim is working for me… But some other people said they ain’t facing such problem….You may try this.. (Link → http://sourceforge.net/projects/xceedxcelerate/files/Armani/MIUI-prod-bld2-npr.zip/download) 😛 and it will be controlled by Synaspe app! 🙂

#Battery drop there after reboot but it’s not that much like CM roms.. If you will reboot two three times constantly … It’s obvious that battery drop would be there but it’s a major issue as ever reboot sucking battery :3

#Sometimes during call …audio become noisy….. I didn’t face it with all calls but noise there with Stock kernel ! And i didn’t face anything with Balika kernel yet!

#WSM working fine with its modules 🙂  ( http://d-h.st/users/himanshudhoopia/?fld_id=42568#files)

#If anyone facing cut copy paste error …that restrictions thing…. Install SDFix by NextApp from play store 🙂 and follow what it says!

#Moving Apps/Games Data by Folder mount → http://himanshudhoopia.blogspot.in/2014/11/how-to-move-games-app-data-obb-to.html?m=0

#Moving Apps/Games Data by Link2Sd → http://himanshudhoopia.blogspot.in/2014/11/how-to-use-link2sd-in-redmi-1s.html?m=0 🙂

#If any one stuck somewhere and isn’t able to do anything by any of method …you need to flash Fastboot rom… Yep miui 6 fast boot rom isn’t available yet…but miui v5 fastboot rom there .. It’s better than Dead phone isn’t it? → http://himanshudhoopia.blogspot.in/2014/11/how-to-flash-fastboot-rom-by-mitools-in.html?m=0 🙂

That’s all about Miui 6 stable ROM which i know! Anything new will be updated ♠♥


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