Miui Premium V2 Android Q


#Miui Premium V12.5.3.0 V2 Stable

*For Redmi Note 7 (lavender).

-Added Indonesian language to some apps.

-Added mods:


+Update some system apps..

+Added a new and old style volume selection.

+Volume bar left and right and time shows volume bar (old volume bar only).

+Add source menu style.

+Update Emoji android 11.

+Add AOD.(Can operate unstable)

+Update security system to 01-05-2021.

+Added tweaks to optimize battery and mobile network connections.

+Add advanced 4/3g only network option.

+Add 1 miui optimization setting in developer settings.

+Select dpi in display settings.

+Remove application signature authentication.

+Removed the super wallpapers that caused the device to freeze.

+Added global dark mode.

+Add shake gesture.

+Add smart network connection type.

+Adjust notification volume.

+Fingerprint unlock after reboot.

+Vibration when unlocking.

+60fps screen recording.

+Lock screen clock color.

+Resize youtube when zoomed out.

+Replaced the newcam kernel.

+System Optimization.

*Status bar:

+Fixed mods to optimize speed.

+The location of the network speed is always on the right!

Status bar style (Clock in the middle….)

+1/2 line network speed and network speed color.

+Number of columns of the status bar table.

+Control center and notification panel opening rate.

+Color notification icon.

+Number of notification icons.

+Optional battery and battery color in percent.

+Clock options and clock size.

+Notification icon size.

+Hide/Show gps, sim, volte, ……

+Network icon 1 line, 2 lines.

+Color and font of items on control center.

+Customize the border size and notification level.

+Border color and notification background.

+Color the icons in the status bar.

+Option to show 2g(E)/3g/H+/4g(LTE).

+Add group of unimportant notifications.


*Miui home:

+Number of columns in the directory.

+Reflections of icons.

+Shades of icons.

+Number of columns in the directory.

+Optional grid to 7×11.

+Swipe up and double tap gestures.

+Blur and opacity when opening folders.

+Endless scrolling screen.

+Hide the app name.

+Optional icon name: 1 line, 2 lines, run text.

+Color and font size below the icon.


+Patch ios style for landscape recent menu.

#Link: https://sum.vn/FqY1L


+Full screen call and call window.

+Maximum brightness when calling.

+Add option time to choose sim card.

+Color options for missed calls, incoming calls, phone numbers….. (go to phone/settings/advanced settings to set color.)

+Show 1 row or 2 rows when calling.

+Hide/Show items when calling.

+Color all items when calling.

+Customize frequency when recording calls.


+Global icon.

+More zram (4gb).

+Add Mixporler, Youtube vanced manager, Pufinweb premium v999…

+Added masik sound pack.

-Rom does not have root available if you want to root flash add magisk 20.4 or higher.

*If you like rom, you can send coffee..



※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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