MIUI 8 Global 6.8.5 Beta [Review +Installation Guide+ Some Other Important Apps]

Link of Recovery ROM– http://bigota.d.miui.com/6.7.5/miui_HM1SWCGlobal_6.7.5_1024dc8859_4.4.zip

Link of Fastboot ROM– http://bigota.d.miui.com/6.7.5/armani_global_images_6.7.5_20160523.0000.23_4.4_global_50a60e346d.tgz

(This installation guide can be used for Miui 7 too)

Well, most of you folks know about installation of Miui ROMs,this one is also no different,i am assuming you have TWRP recovery (if not take it- TWRP 3.0.0 http://d-h.st/3fb2 )

•• I will suggest to transfer all your data of internal memory to SD card, (apps backup by Titanium backup would be good option to recover app later) because we will need to wipe internal storage! 🙂

•• Put ROM and SuperSu zip (http://d-h.st/3Jgu) into SD card. Then Go to recovery and wipe everything except MicroSD card. 

••After Wiping, Install/Flash SuperSU zip and then flash/install ROM (it will take sometime) and then Wipe caches and Reboot,it will ask for ‘Swipe to Root’ … swipe it ♥

••After sometime,do the formalities ask by Miui and done! And At desktop it will ask for installation of SuperSu by Play or TWRP, go for TWRP!! ^_^

••I checked the Camera,it is really good with bit new features,was performing good without glitch..overall I like Miui 8 cam! 😀

••Music app won’t recognize your SD card songs until you manually play any song from File manager. Apart from this minor thing Miui 8 music app is very powerful;it’s dammn loud and wallah Clear😍  Enhancer problem isn’t here 😘 ♪

••Battery backup is not that much fine as it was expected with Stock kernel, and with Third party kernels it would be too early to comment(i was able to flash every kernel we could flash on Miui 7,Xcelerate etc. and it was working like charm.

••Charging is as usual with Miui, this one is also good and Heating issue its same like Miui 7,less heating!

••The RAM management is not good :/ ‘JUST A SEC.’ dear is still here after returning from any heavy use 😉
But Gaming is good,UI is fast;no lags!  That’s relaxing.

••During installing of apps or recovery of apps from Titanium Backup it will every time pop for INSTALLATION BLOCKED,solution is — ADDITIONAL SETTINGS→PRIVACY→TURN ON UNKNOWN SOURCE.
≠≠ If you are using Titanium backup it will ask for ‘Remember thing’.. You can turn that Off in Permission Manager (touch upper right roundish setting button and then turn OFF “Install via USB”) ♠

••Usually apps will turn off in background like Titanium Backup while recovering apps will close down so that Music app too sometime even it is said that Miui Battery saver recognize apps and restrict accordingly. For this,adding apps in Autostart won’t suffice,but this one will– BATTERY →MANAGE APPS’ BATTERY USAGE→TURN OFF (this will turn off Miui restrictions on ALL background apps) But better removing restrictions from All apps best is allowing those application which usually we use in background,for this — BATTERY →CHOOSE APPS→Then Choose The App on Which You Don’t Want Miui Restrictions (this method works with Miui 7 too) ♦

•• ‘SDfix’ app will solve problems of (restrictions) transferring data from Internal storage to SD card like If anyone using Quickpic Gallery app he will know! ♣

••Xposed is working good ( http://d-h.st/loX1) Just download apk and install and done.Thanks to Solar bhaijaan :v [For more info regarding Xposed in miui roms visit→ http://en.miui.com/thread-78894-1-1.html ] ♠

••Buddies who need Lollipop keyboard with Number Row → http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/lollipop-keyboard-phones-root-t2910268 ∆

••For blocking ads in phone i use Lucky Patcher app! Its effective! And for removing system Bloatwares LuckyPatcher or Link2SD or Titanium Backup i would recommend! Better have Link2SD,it can easily remove apps,clear caches,convert apps into system apps or user apps,boot in recovery etc.

••No Tinting of status bar according to Applications etc. Overall the conclusion is xiaomi has changed some layout of notification bar,some icons,some extra features like quick ball (which they were already giving in miui 7),no cloning thing for Redmi 1s rom and bit of performance. Atleast  something is changed, and it is too good for its first release,it can be used as Daily driver and wait for more updates.  ‡



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