%%%% MIUI 7 GLOBAL ROM v7.1.1 %%%%

FIRSTLY I WANNA TELL YOU (if anyone facing problem,to them) HOW TO INSTALL ROM 🙂 ** See, I’m assuming you all have TWRP recovery (if not then take this ≠≠ TWRP 3.0.0 → http://d-h.st/3fb2 ) and ROM downloaded (link→ http://bigota.d.miui.com/V7.1.1.0.KHCMICK/miui_HM1SWCGlobal_V7.1.1.0.KHCMICK_c8e8009ea0_4.4.zip )
** Secondly, You must take backup of your current ROM, whatever it is! After that ,WIPE All first 4 options I.e. you all very well is known to…cache,dalvik cache,data, system 🙂 ** Now the crucial step i.e. after wiping don’t flash ROM directly (you will get error) first FLASH SUPERSU ZIP ( http://d-h.st/3Jgu) And then flash ROM 😀 After the successful flash notification it will ask →^^Swipe to INSTALL SUPERSU or Not^^… so for this just ‘Swipe’ and let SuperSU be installed Recovery itself 🙂 and then just Reboot to System! ** After all formalities on Home screen… You will again see SuperSU Icon in notification bar…. When you will touch this it will ask for two options PLAY OR TWRP (choose whichever you want, it needs internet connection ON as it will download SuperSU data etc. And it will ask for REBOOT…so Reboot… And finally SuperSU is installed… And you can have Root access 🙂 ** Now coming to ROM analysis… Evergreen problem of Miui with Stock kernel i.e. After clicking photos in Cgames, playing games etc. … JUST SEC error is still there …but with GOD’s Kernel such error was not there but with GODs kernel I faced a big issue i.e. RECENT DRAWER was showing up and when I tried to Restore stock kernel back…. WIFI wasn’t working… I had to dirty flash ROM again :3 so NO to GODs kernel for now! ** X kernel don’t have problem like Gods kernel …. It’s Working good 😀 but evergreen Disease of Xcelerate kernel is that it takes time to open the lock of phone…. I mean When you will turn ON screen by power button… It takes time! It’s irritating for me! And the more problem here…. If you will revert back to stock kernel you have to dirty flash ROM as Wifi again not working. Btw Synapse and Kernel A. app is able to control frequency and other things in these kernels ! 🙂 ** 3rd Kernel is PHANTOM…. Which kicked off problems we faced with Gods and X kernel! It can be used with this ROM 🙂 ** Performance in other sense is cool…. And in performance mode… It become more Fluid and with good battery drain altogether 😛 It’s first Version of Miui I have ever used…. Which can play Asphalt 8 in Highest Graphics mode 😍😍 (with Phantom kernel) ** Call in quality, Music, Camera Quality,RAM Management etc etc etc everything is fine! ** Battery backup is so so with stock kernel and with X kernel it’s better than Stock kernel,approximate sot is 4:30 hours backup with Moderate use! Battery drop after Every reboot is normal, that’s not good! ** Faced problems in using 3rd party application… Even after giving them Root permission…. Not abled to move/copy files! Used SDnext app…but this time it sometime working sometime not! Titanium backup app is able to Backup apps and data in Internal Storage only…. But there was no problem in restoring apps from External Card! 😀 Link of Gods Kernel → http://forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-1s/orig-development/kernel-god-s-kernel-r1-t3216885 Link of X kernel for MIUI (v11)→ http://redmi1s-india.blogspot.com/2015/06/xcelerate-custom-kernel-now-support.html?m=1 Link of Phantom → http://forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-1s/development/lp-mm-phantom-kernel-r1-t3254158 ( i used latest versions of all kernels )


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