MIUI 12 Global stable update V12.0.1.0.QEDMIXM for Mi Max 3 Recovery


How to update MIUI Rom using Recovery (.zip) file on your phone?

1. Load MIUI Recovery ROM (.zip) to match the model. And put the phone on

2. Press to set (Settings) of Xiaomi mobile phone

-> Press “About Phone”

-> Press “System update”

-> Press 3 dots on the top right.

3. Press “Choose update package (Choose update package)” // If there is no, press the logo number 11 repeatedly, almost 11 on the menu will appear

-> Press “File Manager” (File Manager) // tick “Remember option. This ”is at all

-> Press the folder that we have stored files such as Download folder // If you choose to load the Xiaomi mobile ROM files from Updater or OTA, the files will be in the folder. / downloaded_rom

4. Select the ROM file .zip -> then press OK button

-> The system is checking the file for update .. // Connect to the internet with wifi / data 3g 4g whatever you don’t use a strong network Just check the files a little. // If the file is incomplete, find a strong network, reload

-> Press the button “reboot to update” and wait ..

5. During this time

-> Mobile phone will turn off the device one time to install ROM (Updating MIUI, please do not reboot the device)

-> then turn off the device again. It boots up with Mi logo, there are 3 points, it runs around normally ..

** This process takes less than 10 minutes each. Do not turn off / interrupt your Xiaomi phone. Otherwise, the device may crash and crash Miui ROM update is not complete and may need to visit a Xiaomi repair center to install a new ROM ever. -0-

Is finished How to update MIUI Rom with Recovery (.zip) file without OTA, no need to queue up later than villagers. Upgrade the ROM for Xiaomi phones whenever and wherever it’s convenient.


FAQ How to fix when updating MIUI Rom with Recovery (.zip) file does not pass?

Q1: I found an error. Sorry, flash to this stable version is not allowed.

A: Gradually chase up from similar numbers. Do not skip the far version or change the Indian region before the update.

Q2: I got an error. It’s not allowed to upgrade to unofficial ROM package.

A1: This version may be locked. You will need to wait for the new version

A2: or format factory before using that file. Press update according to the steps above (can solve 95%)

A3: or unlocked bootloader then flash via TWRP / Mi Flash Tool (can solve 99.99%)

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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