Microsoft – Panos Panay denies existence of Surface Phone

Microsoft - Panos Panay denies existence of Surface Phone

There is a supposed Microsoft product that everyone wants but that stubborn in not reaching the market. This is, of course, the mythical Surface Phone, which is increasingly a mirage in the future of the Redmond company.

This equipment, in whatever form, is one of the most coveted in the technological world. By marketing or whatever, Microsoft has let the speculation flow around this equipment.

After the snub that was Windows Mobile, we all look forward to a great evolution that put Microsoft back on top. The Surface Phone could be that, even for everything it promises.

From patent to patent, the market will try to build the puzzle around this mythical device. A smartphone. A tablet. Or a mixture of the two. The possibilities increase but the hope in its realization decreases.

Microsoft denies any plan to launch Surface Phone

In recent weeks it was said in a Surface Andromeda that could be the incarnation of this mythical equipment. Everything seemed to be on track for 2018 to finally bring us the device everyone wants.

However, more recent came the information that Microsoft would have postponed the development of Andromeda. Reason for such would be the lack of applications and the fear that it did not have the desired acceptance in the market.

Regardless of the future of this project, now comes an end in the hope of seeing the mythical Surface Phone. Panos Panay, chief of Microsoft’s Surface division, said that this is not in the plans of the company he works for.

These statements were made in an interview recently given by Panay. Speaking about the future of Microsoft, he promptly removed the possibility of seeing this equipment: ” Well, I would say that (Microsoft’s future) does not include a Surface Phone .”

Microsoft Surface Phone

This phrase not only denies any possibility of seeing it in 2018, as in the years to come. According to the head of the Surface division, Microsoft does not see a future where this equipment exists.

Nevertheless, Panay says that the future of Surface devices will be focused on communication, but probably not on how we all interpret the word today. He says that the way people communicate will evolve. In what way? This is still not true.

Was this the final blow in the hope of presenting the Surface Phone? Will we ever hear more of this mythical device? Only the future can give us the answers to such.

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