Maximus Max 403


ROM Mobile Maximus Max 403 – ROM Android 4.3


ROM Maximus Max 403 Official version: C230wMA_0000_4.3_1.0T03_140217-2014_SH

Gapps include – No Rooted

Language support: Multilang

ROM Install :

install wit “c230wABD_fastboot_flash_all.bat”

“bat” SelectShow>

@echo on

@echo Please switch to fastboot mode

@echo If the system started, run adb reboot-bootloader

adb wait-for-device

adb reboot-bootloader

fastboot erase modem

fastboot erase sbl1

fastboot erase sdi

fastboot erase aboot

fastboot erase rpm

fastboot erase boot

fastboot erase tz

fastboot erase misc

fastboot erase system

fastboot erase cache

fastboot erase recovery

fastboot erase splash

fastboot erase usbmsc

fastboot erase userdata

fastboot flash modem .commonbuildbinasicNON-HLOS.bin

fastboot flash sbl1 .boot_imagesbuildmsbin8×10sbl1.mbn

fastboot flash sdi .debug_imagebuildmsbinAAAAANAZsdi.mbn

fastboot flash aboot .LINUXandroidouttargetproductmsm8610emmc_appsboot.mbn

fastboot flash rpm .rpm_procbuildmsbinAAAAANAARrpm.mbn

fastboot flash boot .LINUXandroidouttargetproductmsm8610boot.img

fastboot flash tz .trustzone_imagescorebsptzbspbuildDATAANAAtz.mbn

fastboot -S 20M flash system .LINUXandroidouttargetproductmsm8610system.img

fastboot flash cache .LINUXandroidouttargetproductmsm8610cache.img

fastboot flash recovery .LINUXandroidouttargetproductmsm8610recovery.img

fastboot flash splash .LINUXandroidouttargetproductmsm8610splash.img

fastboot flash misc .LINUXandroidouttargetproductmsm8610misc.img

fastboot flash usbmsc .LINUXandroidouttargetproductmsm8610usbdisk.img

fastboot flash userdata .LINUXandroidouttargetproductmsm8610userdata.img

fastboot reboot


※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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