Lenovo VibeUI 2.0 for S930

Lenovo VibeUI 2.0 for S930
Lenovo VibeUI 2.0 for S930
ROM Phone LENOVO S930 – ROM Android 4.4.2 Features 
ROM: LENOVO S930 VibeUI 2.0 version: VIBEUI_V2.0_1431_5_DEV_S930 ( Developer version )
Add VIBE UI 2.0 beta starts, a new visual experience
Add 14 performance, silky smooth experience more
Added a new visual style to give you an immersive experience alone show, enjoy the texture perfectly clear without borders
Add a number of innovative features, just to let you have a better experience
Lenovo directories
New VIP unread messages automatically top, no longer miss important contact information
New intelligent packet attribution: Easy to understand the distribution of friends, where to have friends
New Show attribution Weather: Contact Details dropdown get other location of the weather, always pay attention to the most important person in life
New information into the call: call can be edited again, sending information more humane
New secondary positioning tray drawer: Shortcut to find someone to locate, contact, not afraid more
Add eggplant to introduce fast pass a key replacement: import / export contacts get a key
New dial-up interface used to integrate Contact: Phone purest experience, integrated intelligent analysis of the most popular list, so find someone quickly and then quickly dial
Add New group added ungrouped contacts tab: Every time a new group should be checked in all contacts, needle in a haystack, now just relaxed a program, not grouped contacts at a glance
Added support links Contact: Contact Details link contacts to support rapid integration of connections
[Weather] Lenovo
New weather widget will change with the theme and switch between different styles
Added concise weather APP
New notification bar integration
Added support for the World Cup theme
New main application removal 3X2
Optimize the list of cities, adding urban interface
New virtual mailbox name added to the mailing list
Add a new mail interface to read e-mail alerts of location
Add new Lenovo account and open an account with Baidu
Add new features to achieve online songs, song single collection, offline playback
Add new GUI effects, gorgeous smooth sidebar, sliding menus, playback interface, such as moving the Leads efficiency
Added suspended player: Video playback has been suspended, watching films correct operation; window readily scaled freedom
New Smart Sort: Breaking the bottleneck shuffling, sorting and more intelligent, more humane
New festival throttle, holiday arrangements
New schedule reminders, birthday wishes
Added Gregorian lunar calendar, daily Taboo
[File] butler
Added a new visual style
New Document General Directory Browsing: Built-in cards, external card, OTG and Brand categories: the latest files, install the package, pictures, documents, music, video, compressed, operating records to support wireless connections computers, files freely management
New Remote Management: Wireless connect computers, files freely management
[Search for]
Added new UI interface
New fast search engine switch
[Music] saving
New applications and optimization of power consumption data expansion
Add consuming application detection, anomaly monitoring processing
New import power saving engine functions (visual / computing / graphics power saving engine)
New UI simplifies the left menu bar, the new GUI style
Emergency power-saving optimization optimization
[Center] Topic
Added to enhance stability and performance
Add a new lock screen themes on-line
Add more lines on the wonderful theme album
[Notification Center]
Add new visual design and dynamic efficiency
New enhanced version of the application status bar integration, adaptive colorful black and white background APP
Add a Bluetooth device connection status that is significantly Tips
New view notifications, calendar events notification showing support
Add optimize application notification disabled, preferred operating experience
New UI / GUI performance is more consistent application notification message
Add new multitasking operating experience a new multi-tasking operating experience
Optimizing the layout and operation experience fast switching, independent brightness adjustment easier
[Boot Wizard]
Add a new page style guid
Add wlan set
New Lenovo ID, cloud service reference feature
Add a key replacement of old and new phone
[Desktop] music
Integration of new ideas to unlock: Unlock King Huan unique creative way, with desktop seamless, each other, build a unified visual DNA music desktop users to express positive emotions, with a vibrant way throughout the entire visual system
New elegant “wallpaper Xpress”: change wallpaper is an attitude, like changing the mood as; slide along the edge of the phone, so change wallpaper freely as elegant as the open book
Add “very light minimalist” theme centers: minimalist architecture interactions, lightweight visual presentation, themes and wallpapers on the principle of losing fine and timely response to current events festival
Add vibrant vitality weather widget: widget with creative colorful color variations of day produce numerous possible combinations of mood and color, elegant widget rapid transitions, transparent and function combine visual language
Add “alive” dynamic icons: Smart clock delicate, gorgeous flip calendar, changing weather and other dynamic icons
New Efficient bulk movement: the desktop icon or press the space into a stable state editor, then click on the icon turn into the bottom of the polymerization zone, then you can click into the polymerization zone icon within any area of the screen
Gapps not include – no Rooted
Language support: EN/CN 
ROM Install :
Step 1: Download the custom ROM copied to an external SD card root directory
Step 2: the shutdown state. While holding down:
            – Power button + volume button up, to enter the recovery mode.
            – Wipe Data / Factory Reset -> delete all user data
            – Wipe Cache Partition -> Wipe cache
            – Advanced -> Wipe Dalvik Cache
Step 3: Return to recovery main interface Install zip from sdcard -> choose zip from sdcard -> Select your ROM
Step 4: Brush complete, restart the phone Patience required – first boot takes a while
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