Lenovo P2 P2a42


ROM Mobile Lenovo P2 P2a42 – ROM Android 6.0.1


ROM 4 – OfficialLenovo P2 P2a42 version: P2a42_USR_S251_1711071106_r08000.1_ROW_fastboot_SV2

ROM 3 – Official Lenovo P2 P2a42 version: ACME_UK_Hutchison_P2a42_kuntao_row-user_6.0.1_MMB29M_P2a42_S056_161130_UK

ROM 2 – Official Lenovo P2 P2a42 version: ACME_P2a42_kuntao_s-user_6.0.1_MMB29M_P2a42_S034_170106_TUK

ROM 1 – Official Lenovo P2 P2a42 version: ACME_P2a42_kuntao_row-user_6.0.1_MMB29M_P2a42_S062_170117_ROW

Gapps include – No Rooted

Language support : Multilang

Install ROM:

RSD Lite

1. Start up RSD Lite

2. Connect the phone to the PC via the USB flash cable, use a fully charged battery to power the phone

3. Start up the phone, a Motorola USB device shall appear in the device window

4. Click Browse […] and select flashfile.xml ( in file rom) to use.

The file properties window in the upper right will show the file information.

5. Mark the phone in the Device window and the phone information

will be displayed in the upper left Device properties window

6. Click Start

Upon completion the result column will display whether the operation

passed or failed and the phone will power down

7. Start up the phone and perform a Master Reset / Master Clear

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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