In addition to Star Wars, EA Motive from Montreal works on a second project

In addition to Star Wars, EA Motive from Montreal works on a second project

In an interview with the magazine Game Informer , the general manager of EA Motive , Jade Raymond revealed that, in addition to the open world game of Star Wars, the studio’s production company in Montreal working on a second secret project.

“In Montreal, we have a great intellectual property and a second project, and the thing that most excited me is that it was totally drawn by three passionate people who worked on a proposal in their spare time , he explained. “They were super passionate, saying ‘we want to make a prototype, let us do it’, and we managed to give some space to them so they could do it because it was fascinating.”

“People saw what was happening and many wanted to join the team. Now it’s a complete project, so we’ve been able to do that within Motive, which I think is one of the benefits of having a smaller studio. “

Raymond also explained a bit more about his plans involving the creative process within the company, especially regarding the renewal and recycling of ideas and concepts.

“I want to create a more official and transparent way so we can put all these ideas together,” he said. Kim Swift [from Portal ] is working with us now; she is the design director at Motive. She works with Justin Wiebe , who is creative director of Plants Vs. Zombies, so it’s a cool mix of totally different perspectives. They are working on a process for everyone to come up with ideas and we can put together a format for them. They go to a record where we can get opinions from distributors and marketers and others in the company about what they think of the potential of these ideas. “

“In this way we have a lot of creative ideas that are more or less approved by the company, and once we have some time between projects or let small teams graduate and get to the next stage of prototype, lucky to catch the best to the point of becoming a real project. This is something that makes me very excited and we are working to implement it. “

In addition to Star Wars and this second project, EA Motive also works on a new game from the Plants vs. Zombies in their Vancouver studio.

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