Huawei Super Charge Will bring fast charging to 40W

Huawei Super Charge Will bring fast charging to 40W

Soon we will get to know the new generation of Huawei’s fast charging technology, the Huawei Super Charge. Technology that could allow loading at 40W according to new information released by the international press.

Fast loading. One of the solutions found by manufacturers of mobile devices to circumvent the eternal demand for more autonomy. Note that for now the batteries are limited to increase capacity, which could mean a longer charging time.

There are currently several manufacturers to provide either alternative and fast loading solution. At the same time, some brands are also betting on wireless charging to add versatility to the device itself.

Note that among these we have the OnePlus Dash Charge or the Qualcomm Quick Charge. However, we now have new information on Huawei’s next-generation fast-loading Huawei Super Charge.

Huawei Super Charge – Fast Charging Technology

Apparently, ahead of the competition, Huawei Super Charge technology will ensure that you can charge your smartphone as quickly as possible. According to the international press, we have a new charger with model number HW-100400C00 already supporting this new fast charging. The product itself has been approved by the Chinese certification agency, 3C, being produced by Yada Electronics Co.

Huawei Super Charge - Fast Charging Technology

If this registration is true, the charger will be considerably faster than the standard 22W in the current generation of tops range. Indeed, this is the standard used and supported by the P20 and P20 Pro generation flagship.

The charger itself will have the highest charging standard of 10V / 4A. This again, if you can charge all 40W of power to fill the batteries of our smartphones. Note that they too will have to be prepared for this new standard.

On the other hand, we have the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 that in 30 or less minutes can give you 50% of the full load. Comparatively, Huawei’s technology will give you 90% of the load in just 30 minutes.

These numbers are surprising and we sincerely hope that Chinese technology will be able to implement this new standard as soon as possible. Already on a speculative note, the most likely we will see this technology in the generation of top-end phablets, the line Mate 20.

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These devices, if the pattern of brand presentations remain, should be presented in October 2018. Until then we will certainly have more news about the devices.

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