HOW TO USE LINK2SD IN REDMI 1S (Miui v5,v6 and others)

1) First of all take a class 10 memory card (recommended) and Make partition of Card   by MINI TOOLS PARTITION SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD MINI Tools (working in PC,laptop etc.).
         After downloading Mini Tools HOW YOU WILL MAKE PARTITON??>>  Click here  You will know how to 🙂  (REMEMBER CHOOSE EXT4 if you are using MIUI V6 and Other custom roms:)

2) Now you have partitioned you memory card… Plug card into Phone.

         >>> Now you have to download two things LUCKY PATCHER and LINK2SD ( from playstore) .Install Lucky patcher and Open Link2SD …. it will ask you to choose Ext2,ext3 etc.. you must choose Ext2 partiton for Miui v5 or others and Ext4 for Miui v6 which you made by mini tools above. 

       >>>Reboot Device. After rebooting open lucky patcher… you will able to see Link2sd app there  …..long press  link2sd and you will see CUSTOM PATCH AVAILABLE….. apply patch and YOU WILL GET PRO VERSION of link2sd ….now Link2sd is able move OBB data to Ext. SD but you have to purchase it as Link2sd developer only give Obb Move feature in Pro version …if u will try to do with lucky patcher a invalid error will be there …for Obb see my another post of FOLDER MOUNT  🙂 

3)  Select Apps (By MultiSelect) which you wanna move to Sd card. Tick all four options there (link cache,link data etc.) and Then just click on “Create Link” 🙂 
        >>>IF it showing RED error … then create link again 🙂 and yea REMEMBER screen should not go off during CREATING LINK PROCESS unless it gonna show error 😀


5) Now it’s All done 🙂 

6) Problem may come before you due to Wrong Making of make partition wisely 🙂 hey hey don’t’s so simple 😀 

7) Any Questions? Ask me … Simple! BTW i’m not developer 😛 Just trying 😀

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