How to Remove Prisma logo watermark from your Photos

Recently Prisma Photo filter app is officially released for Android. The Prisma app transforms your pictures into art pieces using the styles of famous artists like Picasso, Munk as well as world famous ornaments and patterns. Prisma is quite popular among iPhone users and already topping iOS charts for a couple of weeks. Prisma turns your photos into paintings, but the output has Prisma watermark in it. Many users don’t like the logo that’s why we share you a way to remove Prisma logo watermark from your Photos.

Prisma is a popular app which creates beautiful artistic images. But Prisma app watermark takes away the beauty of the pics. These watermarks from Prisma app can easily be disabled or removed. You don’t need any extra app or trick to remove watermark from Prisma app. There is an inbuilt option in settings to Disable Prisma Watermark.

How to Remove Prisma Logo Watermark from your photos

Step 1: If you not already installed the app then, you can download it from here.

Step 2: Open the Prisma App.

Step 3: In the main screen (Home screen), You can see the setting icon.

Step 4: Now click on the settings icon and Uncheck the Add Watermark.

Step 5: Now Press the back button to return to the main screen.

Done! Enjoy the Prisma App with Watermarks or Prisma logo.


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