How to Install Miui v6 (Unofficial) on Redmi 1S India.

Hello Every One 🙂 🙂 🙂

Recently developer Syhost finalized the almost bugless Miui v6 ROM (Rooted Already) based on KitKat (4.4.4) for Redmi 1S. Big Thanks to Them.

 So how to install Miui v6 in Redmi,have a look → 

1) Download Miui v6 ROM →

2) If you are first time user…i mean beginner…and  on Miui v5 …. Download any Recovery eg TWRP (Link)  ,PHILZ (Link) or CWM etc. Just Flash the Recovery we take TWRP zip you have downloaded by UPDATER APP (by selecting package option) 🙂
                Secondly,if you have already installed any version of Miui v6 like RC1,1 1.1 or 1.2… You can update it…but developers asked for full wiping as they are upgrading it to OTA updates by them… So wipe full data… And install fresh ROM and then you can continue with OTA updates from them (please open that thread…there is procedure of flashing ota patches,other patches. Etc.
                Thirdly,if you are on other ROMs like Crystal,Mokke,Pacman,CM11,Laceup & blah blah just Wipe everything and Install ROM ZIP and  FLASH THAT PATCH simply…. btw users of these ROMs are wiser than me 😉 
                OK NOW IF YOU ARE ON MIUIv5 or OTHER ROMS OTHER THAN MIUIv6 (I left miui 6 users because they will get ota updates from now ….do below procedure ONCE and then you guys will get OTA updates) ….MIui v5 users and other ROM users & Miui 6 users (once) PROCEED BELOW  >>>

3)  Take backup of your all data,like Application, Contacts etc. (You can use titanium backup for Apps+ Data backup) or if you wanna take backup of whole ROM … use Nandroid backup available on play store or take Backup by Recovery 🙂

4) After that, reboot in recovery mode … recovery will open. Touch “Wipe” and Wipe FIRST FOUR things like Cache,Dalvik cache, System, Data etc.
            AFTER wiping….Go to “INSTALL” and select ROM zip you have in internal storage.
                 After Successful Installation Again Wipe cache and dalvik cache. And then Reboot to SYSTEM. 🙂 Or Watch this VIDEO if u don’t understand (Video is old so don’t go with his description that there are camera bugs and blah blah he had buggy ROM at that time…so we will just see video for knowing how to install rom, that’s all 😛 )

5) You’re Done 🙂 Do all formalities which starting process ask from you.. IF YOU FACE ANY CHINESE THING ( BLUE TICKS ) COME BEFORE YOU JUST LET THEM TICKED.

6) Now the turn of Google Apps (G-Apps). It’s Pre-Installed in this update! 

7) Camera….. Hmmmm it would be same like Miui v5 but better you Check option of “SAVE TO SD CARD” in Camera Settings . You won’t face any problem. Latest Update have many cool features too 😀


8) There are Chinese language in Music player (Only in Online mode) and in somewhere in Themes (paid Themes are free now) 🙂 

9) One Hand Operation is a Awesome stuff… Swipe your Home button Left or Right for Small Screen and Tap on Main screen to again have Full display.


                                                           ^^One Hand Operation^^

10) Latest Google Keyboard → Download from here. 

11) There are some doubts of people related to Miui v6 …. It must be cleared →

      1) Otg,camera  not working…. Lagging…. For this i will say flash ROM rightly and download proper package and  ALWAYS CLEAR CACHE AND DALVIK CACHE AFTER FLASHING ANY ZIP 🙂

       2) Either my device is Superman…. But no lag  while using phone in charging (we must not  use btw).. But don’t spread rumors -_-

       3) Chinese language in themes…. So right now i m also searching for solution 😀

       4) I saw one guy wanna know what will happen when we will connect 1Tb hard drive….      😛 I attached 2TB Adata Hard Drive …. Redmi make that hard drive run and couldn’t                Read 🙂 😛

       5) For TINTED (Immersed) STATUS BAR ,SKIPPING OF ROOT PERMISSION, and a New feature SWIPE TO GO BACK…. .. just download WSM tools or Xposed Installer and modules (I WILL PREFER XPOSED) {NO BOOTLOOPS) 🙂  (Link → ) ScreenSHOTS >> 


                                                        ^^ TINTED STATUS BAR  ^^


                                                               ^^SWIPE TO BACK ^^

       6) RAM management is Good… If you’re not getting good performance then do some                       things →

                        A)  In Status bar… Choose Perform 🙂


                        B) In developer option (Present in additional settings) , choose High memory                                   optimization 🙂 

                        C) Synchronizing also make Phone slow…. So better after syncing …u OFF that 🙂

                        D) Clear Cache, download link2sd ….it clears all caches Awesomely 🙂

                        E) Reboot Phone for 2-2 days …it’s silly but i will recommend this thing too 🙂                                     Rebooting phone helps lot 🙂
                       F) ON Forece GPU rendering in Developer Option.

                       G) Flash these files by recovery …alll in one time 😀 >>  File1 , File2 , File3

        7) For battery backup →

                       a) Off that Perform that you Switched ON for performance.

                        b) Use greenify application (available on play store) Use it with WSM tools or                                  Xposed Installer 🙂 

                        c) Seniors saying do battery calibration… I didn’t do it yet…  I will do now…..                                      Guys saying to use Battery Guru ….u can use any battery calibration app 🙂

12) While taking Titanium Backup in SD card,it may show Folder isn’t writeable…. For this Search “SD card fix in kitkat”  and download The very First App white in color …it will solve this problem 🙂 

13) If you are getting “Download with Wifi”  Always….. In play store while downloading Any App! For this Go to Tools→ Download→Setting → Set Download Limit to Maximum which was 1MB before 🙂

14) For Using LINK2SD… it might show mount script error… for this you have to partition your memory as EXT4 rather than EXT2 (we used to do ext2 partition in miui5 )
and other process is same >> 

15) I will update more things when they will come before me.Now Enjoy. You’re free to ask me on FB 🙂

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