How to Flash Stock Rom on  Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F

How to Flash Stock Rom on Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F

We are going to Flash Stock Rom on Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F. In this guide we have used Odin Flash Tool to flash the Stock Firmware on Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F and we include official link to Download Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F stock rom and all needed files. Your device may get bricked and flashing stock ROM is the only way to go out.To perform this advance process of flashing stock ROM please go step by step. If you got any error then leave a Comment.

Why Odin Tool ?

Odin Flash tool which is also known as a cross-platform application. We use Odin Flash tool for flash Stock Rom and to fix the hard brick device. This is a very user friendly tool Odin Flash tool is used on Samsung devices.This allows you to flash stock firmware on Samsung smartphones and Tablets only.

Why I want to Flash Stock Firmware

If you have an Android device,you may require flashing Stock ROM/Firmware under various circumstances. If you have flashed custom ROM , Custom recovery or Custom kernel and facing several issues or if you want to Full Unroot, Unbrick,Rollback ,then you have to flash stock ROM to bring your device back to it’s original state. Read MoreStock Rom vs Custom Rom

If you need to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy then you have to find upgraded Stock/Custom Rom – kitkat, Marshmallow, Nougat,Oreo. We provide only official Rom because all the glitches and bugs are debugged and you can get latest OTA update and install them.

There are many reasons for flash your mobile phones. Boot loop issue, massive lags, soft bricks are some of them. If you want to Flash your mobile phone because of any of those reasons and you are finding a perfect guild for it ,so you are at the right place. Here we provide you to the instructions for the flash Samsung Stock firmwarefrom downloading toinstalling it using Odin tool in windows PC.

  • You can downgrade/upgrade your phone to different android versions.
  • You can completely unroot your device.
  • You can reset your device back to the factory state.
  • You can remove custom recovery like TWRP and CWM in your Samsung.

Flash Stock Firmware on Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F


  • Read MoreIncrease RAM SIZE after root on Samsung Galaxy
  • Original USB cable and working PC.
  • Your phone should have at least 50%-60% of battery health otherwise don’t do the flashing process.
  • Flashing your device will erase things in your device (apps,data) so take a back up before Flash.
  • enable USB debugging and OEMunlock on your device.(To do this go to the Settings>Developer options) for more details here the guideline.


Proceed at your own risk will not be responsible for any mistake and any damage that might occur to your device while performing the following operation. Don’t skip any step. Full Guide aboutOdin Flash Tool – For beginners

Preparation for Flashing Stock Rom on Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F

Step 1:

Download the Samsung USB drivers for your computer. If you already downloaded it then skip this step.

Odin USB-Drivers-DownloadOdin USB-Drivers-Download

Step 2:

Download Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F Stock Firmware

Download the firmware that compatible to your device and extract it on your computer. If you have already downloaded then skip this step.

Step 3:

Power off your Samsung galaxy device.

Flash Stock Rom on Samsung Galaxy

Step 4:

Now you have to boot your device into the download mode. (To do this press and hold volume down,home and power keyswhen phone vibrates release the power key but keep press and hold other two keys.) Read MoreAll about Odin Tool.

Step 5:

When you come to the download mode you can see the warning message. Now press volume up key to keep continue the flashing process.

Flash Stock Rom on Samsung Galaxy

Step 6:

Download the Odin tooland extract it on your computer.

Step 7:

Then connect your phone to the PC using USB cable. When you connect it Odin will automatically recognize your device and show “Added” message.( If not that means your driver is not correctly installed or try with different USB cable.)

Step8 :

After your device recognized by Odin tool and then select the extracted .tar.md5 firmware file from the check box like below. ( If your zip file having only one extracted file then it is “AP” and otherwise select other buttons and locate other suitable firmware files also. You can find what is the correct and suitable file using the file name of extracted files.

  • BL: BL_file name.tar.md5
  • AP: AP_file name.tar.md5
  • CP: CP_file name.tar.md5
  • CSC: CSC_file name.tar.md5 )

Step 9:

Installing Stock Rom on Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F

Now click the start button to start the flashing process.

Step 10:

When you see the “Pass” message with green color remove the USB cable from device.

Step 11 (optional) :

  • Now you have to press and hold Volume up ,Home and Power keysto take your phone to the stock recovery mode. When phone vibrates leave the power key but keep press and hold other two keys.
  • In the recovery mode select “Wipe data factory reset”.

wipe data image

Step 12 (optional) :

Now select “Reboot system now”.

reboot image

Step 13 (optional) :

Now your device will be reboot and flashed successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions Listed Below

I can’t Flash Stock Rom on Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F

Do it again with fresh Odin tools,Samsung Firmware(It better download files from another server). Your problem is persist then leave a comment with full details about error. Then our team will help you.If you recognize your error then more details here.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F doesn’t turn on, not respond to power button ( Dead/Soft Brick)

  • Make sure a formatted SD CARD is present in the phone before proceeding to flash.
  • After that Give up to 15mins for first boot.
  • Finally find rom from alternative source.
  • Read More

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F Doesn’t not pass boot logo/bootloop

After Flashing,Samsung Galaxy phone doesn’t pass the boot logo that mean,there is something wrong with your Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F. However let it to start 15mins at least because this is first boot. After that if any problem persists then try to hard reset and do the Flash again. See More

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F stuck at boot/ continuously restarts/ keep rebooting

First time it may give this kind of things. Wait and watch. First boot may be slow. If problem persists then try to hard reset and do the Flashing Stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F again with fresh files. See more

Phone automatically disconnecting during flashing

  • Try changing the USB-port
  • After that run Odin FLASH TOOL as ADMIN.
  • Make sure you have correct drivers installed – See here
  • Finally try another PC and USB cable.

USB device not recognized

This is not related to Odin Flash tool. Seems like this is error of your USB port for the reason that you get this error.Then you can fix it from here

Samsung Device auto restarting

  • It may be your Samsung Galaxy case is pressing on it (Clean the power button.)
  • Or May be, your current stock Rom is damaged or Corrupted. So you have to Install Stock Rom/custom Rom to your device. Use this post to Flash new Stock Rom.

“EXT4 image error” / hidden.img.ext4

invalid EXT4 image “which we are talking today might occur during flashing of the device can be encountered safely. Before going to deep dive into the solution of this error, let’s know about this error a bit first. Because, it’s always better to know what we are dealing with, before we actual start facing it 😛. Read MoreFIXING THE INVALID EXT4 IMAGE USING ODIN TOOL

I have made a detailed tutorial for tackling this error in my previous post. Please follow the link if you are facing this issue on your device. : Link

Error showing “SW REV CHECK FAIL” on screen

This error occurs when the ROM (Read only memory) is not a proper supportable one for your device or is an old version. If you have already updated to a high level of the version, then you cannot roll back to the versions below that. Just find the recent versions and for your current phone versions. LInk

Error displaying “secure check fail”

Case 1: The cause for such errors is either the incompatible boot loader or the corrupt ROM. Better to check the ROM by the comparison of md5 signature with on some server. More details – Link

Screen showing a blank white screen

This might look scary but this is the easiest problem one could tackle without any difficulty. This is not actually a real problem. The phone would be completely functional but only that the display is broken. I recommend you to boot to download mode. Flash the stock firmware with Odin, Simple!

Error which displays “Nand write start fail”

Solving this error in Odin tool is challenging but not complex. There are many cases why this error exists and there are various remedies to resolve it. It is mainly caused by a corrupted NAND file system. Odin usually de-compresses the writes the firmware to the device, but while doing so, the file may be over-compressed where it fails to decompress quickly throwing the time out error. Try the below mentioned solutions. More Details – Link

Phone says “Could not do normal boot odin mode”

This is Normal error follow this could not do normal boot odin mode

Install Oreo, Marshmallow on Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F

we know,some phones Versions still not received lastest updated android, It depend on country too. imagine that you are in Singapoor and you phone have nougat. But your version Thailand phone may be received Marshmallow. So, If there is available Marshmallow or Lollipop then you can also Flash it as a Stock ROM.

How to revert back to the previous version of Android

When you Flash new Custom Rom, If it is still testing one then you will definitely get errors.. Like Camera fail, WIFI fail, NFC,GPS fails.. So, in this situation, You have to get previous version of android OS. But is there any chance to downgrade Android lollipop to kitkat or Marshmallow to Lollipop? I would Like to say. YES YOU CAN.. you can use this post to go Back to kikat or Lollipop

Can’t Boot into Recovery Mode

  • Turn off your phone. (If you can, then remove the battery)
  • Power button + Volume down + Home button.

If you still can’t then you have to install Stock Recovery because your one may be breacked. Flash Recovery Mode

Download Country/Carrier Based Stock Rom

When you go to download. their are many version for one Model. Country/Carrier, PDA, CSC. because Samsung create OS for targeting Counties ( USA,US,Uk, Korea, India, Thailand, Philippine, Australia, Africa, France, Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Sri Lanka, German, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Bangladesh, Turkey, Poland, Netherland, Spain, Portugal, Czech republic) . These Stock firmware not difference but may be difference pre-Installed apps and Frequency. choose your Country or choose nearest country.

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