How to Bypass Candy Crush Saga’s Waiting Period to Get New Lives & Levels Immediately

Hey guys you all must love to play Candy crush and just love play it ion idol time, likw while traveling or when you are getting bore somewhere. But sometimes while playing the candy crush you just loose your lives which are actually 5 times and you have to wait for a particular time to get the life again to play the game and to make other level unlock.

So, this irritation and frustration can be removed from candy crush saga’s by just a very simple tricks which can be done by anyone any time any where and get unlimited life’s and level immediately to play. They just don’t have to wait a lot to get more life’s to play the game further.

  • Lose all lives
  • Exit the Candy Crush app
  • Open your device’s Settings menu
  • Tap on Date & time
  • Unselect Automatic date & time
  • Tap on Set date
  • Change the date to at least 1 day earlier
  • Tap on Done
  • Exit the Settings app
  • Go back to Candy Crush
  • Verify you have new lives
  • Return to your Date & time settings first
  • Select Automatic date & time
  • Then go back to Candy Crush and play
If you start playing before you change the date/time back to automatic, the next time you lose all of your lives you will receive a ridiculously large countdown to your next set of lives. This amount of time will roughly equal the amount of time you set your date back.
To fix, just go back and set your date/time manually to be ahead of the countdown time, verify you have new lives in Candy Crush, set the time/date back to automatic—then play.


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