How to Block a Number on Google Duo

Google has released just another Video chat service called Google Duo. Google Duo is releasing for both Android and iOS users over the world. The premise is that you can make video calls without any fuss. The app is straightforward and is ready to make video calls faster than a voice call from your telecom operator.

it isn’t necessary for you to have the number of the person calling you saved in your contacts list. Meaning, anyone having your number in their contact list can make a video call to you. This might be disturbing for some. But thankfully, there’s an easy setting withing the Google Duo app to block a number from making video calls to you.

How to Block Number on Google Duo

  1. Open Google Duo app.
  2. Touch the three-dot menu on top-left corner of the app, and select Settings from there.
  3. Select Blocked numbers from the list of options under Duo settings.
    └ This screen shows all the numbers you have blocked on Google Duo.
  4. Touch the +(person) icon in the top-left corner of the screen to add a number from your contacts to the blocked numbers list.
    Tip: To block a number on Google Duo, you must have it saved in your device’ contacts list.
  5. Go back to your normal business. The blocked number(s) will no longer bother you on Google Duo.


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