Hard Reset your LG Optimus Pro C660 and remove password, pattern lock and gmail account


I have a new tutorial for LG device. And this one is for LG Optimus Pro C660.

Hard resetting / factory resetting your phone will solve the following issues:

1. If you forgot your pattern lock
2. If you forgot your gmail account
3. If you forgot your password
4. Apps that automatically force closing
5. Stuck in LG Logo (sometimes does not work if the firmware is totally damage)

NOTE: Performing hard reset will erase your data.

To hard reset:

1. Turn off your phone.
2. Press and Hold VOLUME DOWN + Home Button + Power button. Release only the Power Button when the phone power up.

3. Wait until you see the Android Robot
4.  Your phone will automatically Reboot.

I hope this tutorial helps you.. If you have any question just drop a


NOTE: contact via email [email protected] , i will sent link download for you

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