Hard Reset your C-DR King FP-048B-VE and remove password, pattern lock and gmail account

You need PC to  hard reset or factory reset your device. I already tried this procedure. Just follow carefully the procedure so you will not brick your device. This tablet has a Rockchip CPU. I dont have the picture of the tablet (i forgot to took one). How ever you can see the device that I took when I was installing the driver. And the boot logo of this tablet is C-DR King VE Series.

You can fix the following issue:

  1. Pattern Lock
  2. Gmail Account Lock up
  3. Password Problem
  4. If your tablet does not boot up properly (if the firmware is not totally damaged)
  5. Force closing apps.

Download this file
RockChip Android Tool –> Download Here
“Extract to your desired folder”

Install the driver

  1. Turn off your device
  2. Press VOLUME UP + POWER Button and insert USB cable
  3. It should detect your tablet. If this is your first time, it will detect as unknown device.
  4. Locate the driver in the drivers folder that you had downloaded. Select proper driver there is a driver for 64bit(x64) and 32bit(x86) computer.
  5. Or you can install this Rockchip Automatic Driver Installer.

 Flashing your device

  1. First turn off your device.
  2. Open RKAndroidTool.exe
  3. Remove check in number 1,
  4. Click the checkbox in number 3
  5. Click the blank space in column … it will open the file manager. Then look for misc.img. It is located in image folder
  6. Press and hold VOLUME UP + POWER Button in your device and insert usb cable. RKAndroidtool should detect your device.
  7. Press RUN button when you are ready to flash your device
  8. Flashing will take around 2 seconds. Your tablet will automatically reboot in Android System Recovery and will wipe your tablet.

Reference Video in Loading the file: (watch in HD)

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