Google is working on the camera problem that affects Pixel 2

Google is working on the camera problem that affects Pixel 2

Since Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones were released last fall, these devices suffer from a fatal error that causes the camera application to fail when we sometimes try to take photos. However, not all users are affected by this problem. So far this issue has not yet been addressed by Google in its official Twitter account, at least so far. It’s that the search giant has responded to a customer about this situation and is apparently already working on a bug fix.

On Sunday, one of the users of the Pixel 2 XL expressed their frustration with the fatal error of the camera on Twitter, to which Google responded quickly. First of all, Google suggested a clean-up of the application cache. There, she explained that she had already done it and not a factory restoration did.

That’s when the Google Pixel team explained that it’s already working on the solution. However note that this is just a tweet and not an official statement.

Google Camera reply

Is Google going to fix this before Pixel 3 is revealed this fall?

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