Google Gmail: Finally you can add GIFs to your emails

Who ever dreamed of answering an email with GIF?If you use Google Gmail you can do it!

I should not be the only one who answers the most serious emails in a less professional way.Although the answer is serious, we have to adapt the language to the world where we live.

That’s my philosophy.Being professional or more personal emails, my email almost always has a “smile” in the middle to cut the ice.

Things have gotten better now.The newGfycatAdd-on will give users the ability to reply to an email with GIF’s.

Gfycat arrived to make Gmail more joyful

Unlike thesmiles,there are certain GIFs that can capture exactly the feeling we are feeling right now.

How to install GIFs in Gmail

There are GIF’s and GIF’s but I can not wait to reply with the “That’s What She Said” by Michael Scott from The Office.

To use GIF you only need to select the Add-On in a reply and search for your favorite image.

Google Gmail is one of the first services to make adding GIFs available in emails.This is a way of killing the idea that we have to be super professionals in an email.Remember that on the other side are people who certainly just want to relax a little from work.

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