Google Chrome New Security update makes it consume even more RAM

Google Chrome New Security update makes it consume even more RAM

Google Chrome is by far the most widely used browser in the world. Now, in order to protect the users of the famous Specter, that real threat that haunted several users a few months ago, Google decided to update the browser. However, the granted protection is synonymous with more RAM consumption of the device in question.

Yes that’s right. In this way, Google Chrome will consume about 10% more RAM than previously, either for Windows or MacOS. And even though this may seem like little, the truth is that it is not quite so.

After all, although most users use the browser mentioned, many realize that it weighs more to the device in question than Safari or Edge, for example. This of course, the level of processing as well as autonomy.

10% more RAM consumed by Google Chrome for Windows and MacOS …

Google Chrome has been updated by the US company a long time ago, in order to become lighter . Even so, their presence on a Windows or MacOS computer is undoubtedly huge.

As a user of both operating systems, I can say that by using Windows, Chrome turns out to be a battery spender and, above all, a source of “slight” slowness “in the execution of tasks.

On the other hand, it’s rare to be on the MacBook and not receive a warning that Google’s browser is consuming too many features that could slow it down.

Even so, in some scenarios, I still use it. Because? Because Google Chrome is not that bad. It is faster than Microsoft Edge and more complete than Safari. Therefore, it can not be said to be a bad alternative. Quite the opposite.

However, it is far from perfect. Hopefully, Google will be able to reverse this scenario in the future.

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